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Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter Review

Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter

The Y-Volution F1 Scooter YFliker is the perfect gift for the young adventurous souls this holiday season. You can get it in three different color schemes; pink, green or black. This makes it a great gift for both little boys and girls who’d love to have a scooter!

This is best for children who are between 5-9 years of age. Those below five might not be old enough to be able to match its physical requirements. And those above nine might be too big for it.

The foot stance in the Y-Volution F1 Scooter YFliker is Y shaped and this might just be the best thing about this scooter. Instead of having to place their feet on one bar constantly, the kids can place it in the Y shaped foot stance, which allows them keep it in a natural pose and prevents them from getting tired.

You won’t have to worry about getting the scooter from one place to another. Want to take it along with you on vacation? No problem! Just fold it and put it in the trunk of your car. Your kid can drive it anywhere he/she wants to; the park or out on the street. The fact that it’s portable doesn’t mean that it will break easily. It is in fact quite tough.

The handles and frame of the Y-Volution F1 Scooter YFliker are quite solid and constructed to stay. They are in fact constructed from steel which, as we all know, is the strongest constructing material there is. It will last a long long time!

Another very appealing feature of this toy is its self-propelling mechanism. This mechanism has been created with the help of very big casters placed on the scooter’s bottom. This has been made to ensure the safety of your child. Now, even if he/she is going at a fast pace he/she will have a hand brake to slow down or stop without a problem. This will relieve you of having to check on your kids all the time.

You’ll see that the Y-Volution F1 Scooter YFliker doesn’t quite move like the traditional scooters. Movements such as carving or drifting will not be un-common while riding it. This is because of the foot arrangement (side-to-side). It is very similar to the movements that you experience while skating. The only difference is that this is a scooter!

People who have already bought this love the fact that it is strong and can easily be taken anywhere. Its color scheme has also been a very popular appeal since it makes it suitable for both genders. The cost of the Y-Volution F1 Scooter YFliker is not very high and once you start using it you’ll know that you got your money’s worth.

Young kids are naturally adventurous and usually enjoy riding scooters. This goes for both boys and girls. In addition to this, the unique designing of the scooter makes it even more attractive to kids and they’ll run to ride it. It would be very difficult for parents to prevent their children from running outside with their scooters!

The Y-Volution F1 Scooter YFliker might just be what you need to complete your perfect holiday. What a sight it will be next to your Christmas tree!

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