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Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure Review

If your child has love for motorized toys, then Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure is a perfect toy for him this year. This toy is included in the hottest toys 2016 list prepared by Walmart.

The idea behind this toy is that your child will be able t o create track and then set a small freight train on these track and see it move with on these tracks. The freight train is part of the playset and comes in brown or cheery yellow colors.

There are also many other different colored shapes to be used in the mine part. The whole design of the set is that of a mountain and the track is built to pass through the hills and tunnels and reaches a mine.

There is also some sporting part at the mine area too and the child needs to match the colors of the different parts with the colors of the hole to fit in. So the toy is not only fun but has educational value as well.

There are rotating gears in funny colors at the mine and there is also a mine shaft which allows the children to pretend as if they are mining gold. There is also a crane in the mind which can be used for carrying different things around in the mind.

The holes have been built at the bottom of the mine where different pieces can fit in. The children can throw different pieces in these holes and see them tumble down in the mine.

The other option is that your child can wait for the train to pass under the mine and then these shape pieces can be dropped there such that the pieces land on the cargo part of the train which has been attached to the back of the train. The track also has teaching value.

There are nine SmartPoint locations on the track. At these locations the children can hear different music, sounds and phrases. At one location, the name of the vehicle that is part of the set is spoken.

One more amazing thing about this track is that the pieces can also be snapped together and taken apart just like puzzle pieces. Therefore, children can mix the pieces from this set with other Go Go Smart Wheels playsets. This will allow the kids to build a long, giant track if they also have other similar sets of the same brand.

The track is available in different colors for even more more fun for your children. With Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure, it is possible to set up the track in whatever way your child desires. The pieces can be snapped together very easily so it is very fast to build or take down the track.

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