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Voice-Command Auldey Sky Rover IR Helicopter Assortment Review

Most kids are fascinated by the remote control toys, be it vehicles on ground or helicopters in the air. These are excellent toys for teaching kids the hand and eye coordination and how to maneuver these different objects. And above all these are full of fun.

Many of these new RC toys make use of the latest in technology to take the fun to new frontiers. And this is exactly what Voice-Command Auldey Sky Rover IR Helicopter Assortment stands for. The technology behind this helicopter makes it more than just a remote controlled helicopter.

This is a voice controlled helicopter and kids can control it by giving verbal commands too. What can be more thrilling for a kid than controlling a helicopter with voice and see it respond to these voice commands. The helicopter can be in air for about six minutes and during that both remote control and voice command options are available.

Voice-Command Auldey Sky Rover IR Helicopter Assortment can be controlled from as far as 32 feet. It can reach heights above tree tops, therefore, your child will need a bit of practice with it if he has never used a remote controlled helicopter before.

It is a durable helicopter and can withstand crashes in case your child fails to control it initially. It is a toy suitable for children above 8 years old. The helicopter obeys 12 different voice commands in case your child decides to control it with voice.

The commands like taking right or left turn, rising higher altitude and stopping the flight are available. The commands like moving forward or reverse are also included.

Voice-Command Auldey Sky Rover IR Helicopter Assortment has smart hovering technology which allows it to remain at one place in the air or just off the ground level. The helicopter has its own autopilot system as well and has a gyro that operates with 3.0 channel.

Because of gyro technology, the helicopter is easier to control and it also keeps it from spinning out. It will monitor the flight and will adjust it accordingly to keep it right on the nose.

Voice-Command Auldey Sky Rover IR Helicopter Assortment has working lights and even replacement pieces have been included. It can be used both as an indoor toy as well as an outdoor toy. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery to provide your child with many hours of play.

It can also be charged via USB charging. The remote control that comes with it needs batteries to operate so you will need to stock up many AAA batteries. There is a right and left trimmer, main blade and blades for the tail included. In order to make the voice command feature totally handsfree, a headset is also included with this helicopter.

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