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Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon Review

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Pull WagonA toy set of alphabets is literally a must have for every kid who is entering a learning zone now. The Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon are the best alphabet blocks made to date because they are safe, look exquisite and don’t come alone but with a pull wagon which is made up of wood.

The basswood made to use these ABC blocks is one of the best ones, making this toy set exceptionally long-lasting. The basswood is originally grown in Michigan and then used by Uncle Goose to make these amazing 1.75 inch broad blocks.

As each block has a different alphabet on one of its sides, these make up 28 in a total number in one toy set on purchase. The blocks are different than all the other blocks easily available in the market because they are brightly colored, the design on them is unique yet traditionally Asian and they are hand made.

These hand made wooden blocks are exceptionally detailed and finely made. The price that these ABC blocks come in is basically because no compromise has been taken on the material used and the detailing.

The detailing is commendable because the blocks are made by hands of workers at Uncle Goose instead of simply factory machine imprints. The paint used is very safe for your kid. It’s lead free as well as non-toxic to ensure that no harm is done even if the little guys try to get a corner in their mouth or forget to wash hands after playing with these.

Though, the name given to this toy set is just ABC blocks when actually these are much more to just some ABC wooden cubes. The other sides have very cute animals drawn on them. The animals range from a butterfly to an elephant. Your kid can not only learn alphabets in a proper sequence by these but also gradually learn about different animals and differentiate between them.

This is not it; the wooden cubes are delightful to be owned because it also has numbers on one of its sides. The numbers are from 1-9 and add up to the learning process in playtime of your kid tremendously.

Here are the features of the Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon in the form of list as follows:

28 cubes in number
Basswood cubes of dimensions 1.75 inch each
Has letters, numbers, animals and symbols embossed on it
The paint used is non-toxic and proven to be lead-free
Handmade in USA

Is the Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon worth your money?

There’s barely any argument over the benefits of letter blocks, and if you’re looking for the best ones then the Uncle Goose ones are the best. These blocks come accompanied with a wooden pull wagon in the toy box on purchase.

The pull wagon has really cute little wheels which allow easy drifting of the wagon. The wagon is exactly made to fit the 28 blocks in a very charming manner. Your kid can get busy putting them in order in his or her wagon, pull it to where he/she pretend to teach and get countless amount of fun, interactive and imaginative play as well.

This is not it, your kid can also stack up these blocks according to his wish and end up with a wooden blocks tower. Kids love to make and break such towers, and applaud how the wooden blocks topple over. It’s rewarding to see your kid playing with such meticulously made wooden blocks which help him learn ABC as well as numbers.

The only possible downside to this toy is that it will become your highly favourite along with the kid too. And you’d want to buy the other version which has lower case alphabets embossed on the blocks instead of upper case. When your kid owns both, he can match the uppercase letters with the lower case letters and enter into a slightly advanced learning zone.

Something more fascinating about owning both of the uppercase as well as lowercase versions of these toy blocks is that a lower case block has baby animal corresponding to the mature one drawn on the upper case block with same letter. This means, if he is tired of matching upper and lower case alphabets he can learn about animals and their baby versions smoothly.

The Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon will definitely whip up the road of nostalgia as soon as you set your eyes on it, because everyone has had something with alphabets on it. But this toy treat launched by Uncle Goose bears striking resemblance to old age toys because of the wood and embossed art but it’s excellently advanced.

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