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Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle Review

The Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle is an excellent addition to your child’s collection if he is a fan of remote controlled toy vehicles. This toy is also part of the Hottest 25 toys list of 2016 by Walmart.

This remote controlled car will keep your children entertained for endless hours because of its unique ability to scale different indoor and outdoor terrains. This vehicle can climb over rocks, logs or even piles of wood. It is very tough and durable in its making and even can climb up and down the stairs that are up to 8 inches high.

The remote that comes with Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle is also lightweight and best suited for little hands and fingers. There are only two buttons on the remote which have been design to work in tandem. It is also possible to use these buttons separately, which is ideal for those children with smaller hands.

It is a well built toy and is suitable for playing even in dirt and sand. It can flip sometimes while climbing a steep height but it has been designed so that it will adjust itself. This toy is also great for indoor use.

It is strong enough to knock over toy buildings and toy blocks but it is not tough enough to cause any kind of damage to furniture and walls. And it also climbs the small toy blocks and plastic toy figures without any damage to them as well.

The wheels of Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle have rubber treads which means that it can go through mud without getting suck in it. Because of this the car can also climb any kind of stairs, be it patio, carpeted, playground steps or deck.

The toy can work on most rough terrains but its tail works as counterbalance. Without the extended the toy has a higher chance of getting flipped, more so when it is scaling some steep stairs.

The Terra Climber is two feet in length after the tail has been extended. This remote control toy is green in color and its underside is orange. The wheels are also orange. It has a silver tail with a green looking tip.

Since its colors are quite bright, it can be easily spotted when its hiding in a toy closet or its battery ran out of juice inside bushes. The toy is shipped with 9.6v rechargeable battery, therefore, it is ready for play as soon as you have unpacked its packaging.

The charger is also included with it. The battery time is amazing and children can enjoy hours of fun play without the requirement of getting charged again. The remote control requires two standard AA batteries for its operation.

Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle does not require much set up when removed from packaging. Only the tail needs to snapped on and it is ready to go. You can clean the toy with a damp cloth if it gets very dirty from outdoor play. However, it should never be washed or submerged in water.

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