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Keep Yourself Sane With These Toy Storage Solutions

toy storage solutionsWe all love our little kids and like to buy them toys that they can have fun with and learn form. But sometimes this means a lot of work for us since kids usually tend to create a lot of mess with their toys. It can get quite overwhelming to deal with this mess every day. But now, instead of tiring yourself and worrying about the mess there are some really great toy storage solutions that you can use to deal with the mess.

Matching with the Toy

Toys come in different sizes and shapes and usually all of them can’t just be put into one big box. This is impractical and may even damage some of the toys. They make it difficult to reach to the toys on the bottom which will just lie there ignored for a long time or if the kids really want to play with them they might empty the entire box and create another mess for you to clean up. Because of these reasons it would be better if you use both small and large boxes; the small ones for the smaller toys and the large boxes for the bigger ones. Bottom of Form

Ensuring Safety 

Safety is a very important thing to consider while choosing toy storage solutions. Since the storage items are usually placed in children’s rooms its better if they’re safe for all ages. These safety concerns might not be too serious when it concerns older children but special care has to be taken for toddlers. For this sharp edges and complex systems should be avoided. Hanging storage systems should also be avoided since there’s a danger of them falling or of the children getting caught up in them.

Rotation of Toys:

People, who have limited space for toy storage solutions, should use a rotation system for the toys. A large portion of the toys could be stored in your attic or any other available storage space. You could take out a few toys from the bulk storage at any one time. When you think that your child is getting tired with them put them back and get a new batch. Thus doesn’t only solve your space issue, but it also helps you in avoiding elaborate messes.

Displaying toys 

A great toy storage solution is to use shelves that create a display for the toy. To avoid clutters and complex systems what you can do is you can put up shelves for toys such as stuffed animals or dolls etc. and hooks for those toys that can be hanged. This way you wouldn’t have cluttered floors and you’ll utilize the wall space easily. Since these toys will be easily visible to anyone who comes into the room the kids will be motivated to keep it organized and remember to put all the toys back after playing with them.

Keeping Check on the number 

No toy storage solution comes with unlimited capacity or utility. None of them would work for you if there are just too many toys to deal with. It is better to keep a check on the number of toys you buy for your children and don’t store the old ones. Once your child is done playing with a toy donate it to someone else. You can even sell some of the older toys. It is very important to make your children understand that they don’t have infinite storage space. This can also be a learning experience for them; where they learn to take out the old things to make space for new ones.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that these toy storage solutions are not magic. They won’t take away all the mess or change your children’s messy habits. But they can certainly help you in taking a step towards controlling the mess and teaching your child how to be organized.

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