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How to Ensure Toy Safety For Children

toy safety for childrenSomething that all parents should have ample awareness of is toy safety for children. In case you don’t really understand what is and what is not safe for your young one at different ages, it is very likely for your young one to get in some kind of accident or choke on tiny parts of a toy. To ensure that they toys you’re buying for your children are safe for them, following are five important guidelines that you can follow before buying a toy.

  • Buy High Quality Toys:

Even though the price of a toy does not always ensure the toy’s good quality, it is usually a good determinant of good quality. On the other hand, toys that can be bought at a very low price usually tend to be more easily break able, can create certain risks for your young one or their low price can be taken as a sign that they were manufactured in some country where they don’t have firm toy safety regulations. In case you are not very certain about the toy safety for children, you should check the manufacturer of the toy prior to buying the toy.

Always Check Age Recommendations:

Even though you are most likely to know whatever is best for your young one, toy manufacturers still provide an age recommendation for all their toys lest you are in doubt regarding toy safety for children. In case your child still puts things in his/her mouth, even though he/she is not very young anymore, you should be aware of any risks related to choking. Also, you may like to let your young one use certain toys but only under your guardianship in case you consider those toys to be too advanced for their age. Despite these facts, you should almost always be ready to take the advice of manufacturers when it comes to buying toys because they’re the ones with the most experience with toys and their usage.

Keep On Top Of Lists For Recalled Toys:

The fact that certain toys will be recalled at one time or another simply cannot be ignored. It may have happened that a child had had a bad experience or an accident with a toy or some parts or ingredients of a toy could have proved to be dangerous after the manufacturing. The most recent toy recalls are best to be kept in mind when looking for a toy. This task too, much thanks to websites like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is now very easily accomplished. You should also definitely report it in case you come across any problem with the toy that you bought.

Check The Toys Yourself:

Whether or not you regularly purchase toys off the internet websites to get reasonable pricing, toy safety for children means that it is best if you personally visit different stores and check out the toys yourself before buying them. Make sure that you check every part of the toy and know that nothing will become loose or break easily and that it does not come with a risk of choking for young children.

Avoid Unhealthy Substances:

When it comes to toy safety for children, you should know about all the substances that your child will be coming into contact with almost all the time once you buy him/her a certain toy. You are not expected to know about all substances involved in the manufacturing process of the toy of course, however, only those that can prove to be seriously damaging for your young one’s health. To narrow it down, do not purchase toys that use lead paint, BPA (stay away from plastic numbers 3,6 and 7) and phthalates (usually found in rubber ducks and balls – also now illegal in America).

However, all these instructions relating to toy safety for children should not scare you. Once you start trying, it will, in not time, become a practice of yours to make sure that you check all these details whenever you make a purchase at a toy shop. After all, it is going to be for your child’s benefit.

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