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Top 5 Toys for Toddler Girls

top toys for toddler girlsToddler girls are different from toddler guys, because they are more interested in acting out whatever they observe. For instance, they’d want to cook, clean, shop or talk on the phone just her mother or father would be busy doing in front of her. So we made a list of top 5 toys for toddler girls so perfect parents can shop for their perfect little girl easily.

A splendid toy for your toddler girl can be The Little Tikes Shopping Cart. It is probably the funkiest shopping cart ever, even cooler than the ones toddler’s parents’ use. It has a seat for her favorite teddy bear or any stuff toy. The shopping cart allows your kid to pretend going shopping just as she has seen you guys do it.

This brightly colored shopping cart is voluminous enough for miniature groceries. It has separate room for more pretend accessories below too. However, any plastic accessories like grocery and crockery items are supposed to be bought separately and are not included in the toy set on purchase.

Disney’s Sing & Giggle Mickey is a perfectly made stuffed toy which will bring life to your toddler’s girls playing time. It just another plush version of Disney cartoon characters but is still very unique.

Whenever Mickey’s body is squeezed, it starts playing the cute Hot Dog song. But interestingly, squeezing the body two times will make giggling sounds let out by the Mickey himself. If your daughter loves to snuggle her toys, there are high chances that this toy will become her favorite sleeping buddy among other soft toys.

The third toy ought to be mentioned in the list of top 5 toys for toddler girls is The Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set. It is a toy set consisting of 100 brightly colored wooden blocks of different shapes. Such sets are a great buy as they help your toddler girl get more creative with her imagination.

Available shapes in this toy set include squares, rectangles, triangles, cubes, arches and many more. The blocks are completely safe for your toddler, as the edges are rounded. Moreover the paint coat on the blocks in absolutely non-toxic. Your toddler girl can build towers, or other building with it. This will help her learn numbers, sizes and colors.

The Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game will prove to be a splendid buy for your toddler girl. As soon as she starts playing this game, it’d give her immense joy while her hand and eye coordination are also getting better. This toy set is suitable for toddler girls who are as young as two years of age.

It has six very unique and loveable bowling pins and bowling ball too. The bowling pins and the bowling ball, both are very gleeful as they are toy versions of really cute monsters. Once the toddler girls learn, they can’t stop knocking down the funky bowling pins with their special bowling ball. Older kids can also enjoy playing it.

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper toy is the last one to be mentioned in the list of top 5 toys for toddler girls but surely not the least one. This is proven correctly, by its never ending high frequency of sales in the market.

This splendid toy is made up of popper and a dome shaped plastic container having a number of colorful balls inside it. As the popper is drifted by your toddler girl, the pops out of the popper and a fun sound is elicited. The undoubtedly, makes your toddler laugh endlessly and she never gets enough of the toy. This toy classically helps the child with her walking abilities too.

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