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Top 5 toys for teens

top toys for teensTeens tend to enjoy using up their time exploring new fashion and they have a newly found interest in electronic gadgets. However, there is always a time when they want peace of mind and would like a toy that they can play with for entertainment. To help the parents of teens, we have enlisted top 5 toys for teens below.

Razor RipStik Ripster is loved by almost all of the teenagers. The teen can ride it alone or call out other friends with their ripsters, and also show off some tricks at a skate park. It will stand up to the expectation because of its brand, regarding its endurance and durability.

It differs from a regular board in terms of its fierce shape. This shape modification allows your kid to have more control over the board when he or she’s taking a turn. Also, it requires less power to sustain the momentum as that for a normal skateboard.

Many teens are eager to play a music instrument and plan on forming or joining a local musical band as soon as they get a chance. Is your kid also one of those kinds? If yes, then it’s high time that you give him the gift of music.

If you get him a Drum Set 5 Pc Complete Drum Set, he’d be on the right track to get to his musical destination. For beginners, the set includes everything. It comes with a chair, drum pedals, cymbals, and sticks and stands as well. Owing to the good quality of the drum, on playing it produces a solid sound. Adding to the glamour of the drum is its shiny surface as it has been carefully plated with chrome.

Teenagers are not only passionate about playing music; they can also be passionate about listening to it. Hence, The Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones makes it way into the list of top 5 toys for teens righteously.

They are very comfortable to wear and yet offer your sounds to be heard with a lot of precision by you only. It also has an interesting feature of Adaptive Noise Cancelling which makes the headphones unbelievingly proof to outside noise while a song or video sound being played.

They have a long battery life because these headphones are actually a 20 charge. This headphones set comes with the headphones, the charger, an adapter, the cable, a RemoteTalk cable, and a case to carry them in an utterly organized manner.

Upon being gifted a PlayStation 4 Console, any teenager would jump out of happiness and surprise. Upon purchasing, you’ll get a controller, the HDMI cable, the USB charging cable and the headset. Trust me, these are a lot of quality goods in just one package.

Console’s ability to update itself automatically, enables your kid to have the access to a title as soon as it’s available. You can also mark your best play scores by highlighting them, as well as extra features like music of your choice to it by using SHAREfactory.

These features will also allow your kid to announce his or her movies in real time. A cherry on the top news for your teen video gamer is that it is compatible with PlayStation Vita which will allow your kid to play innumerable other games available after an internet access.

The last toy making its way to the Top 5 toys for teens is more of a replacement to the previously mentioned PlayStation. Xbox and the PlayStation have been competing for quite some time now, so ask your child about his or her preference. You can play either online or offline according to the availability of internet. Multiplayer notifications will pop up even while you’re watching television.

This console allows easy switching from television to a movie or to a game instead. The feature Smart Match being programmed into it will allow your teen kid to get connected to a good pair for playing screening out the ones who aren’t very skilled at the game. Along with the console and controller, you’d also get a headset and an HDMI cable.

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