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6 Tips for Saving Money on Toys

tips for saving money on toys

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These days, people who have kids or have to buy presents for kids know that the prices for children gifts are raising and the quality of these toys is decreasing. These days, toy companies are coming up with one better toy than another and they are very expensive. So something needs to be done in order to save some money. Hence, there are some great tips for saving money on toys.

  1. Purchase Second hand toys

One great way of saving money on toys is to buy second hand toys for kids. It is not necessary that second hand toys are always used. Sometimes, kids receive same toys more than once and thus parents keep away those toys in packages. So you can check out these toys from some yard sales, flea markets or even buy them from online shopping websites like eBay and find toys in their genuine packing.

However, if you can’t find a toy in its original packaging, then opt for stuffed toys so that you can wash them or even plastic toys and wooden toys will be good. But if these toys have electronic equipment in it, you cannot wash it. This is one of the great tips for saving money on toys.

  1. Buy toys from sales

A good tip for saving money on toys is to buy toys from sales. Holiday sales are great for buying toys as they are sold at very reasonable prices. If your child wants a specific toy, you should remain alert at all sales to find that particular toy. You can find a Christmas toy any month of the year and keep it hidden till Christmas. However, when we were young, our toys didn’t remain hidden for too long as my younger siblings would keep hunting for them all day and find some wrapped and unwrapped presents. The fun part was guessing who the wrapped gifts were for.

  1. Salvage old toys

Kids can never guess if a toy is used or new. And even if it’s used, kids think it’s new. As kids grow up, they can give away the toys they don’t play with anymore to younger kids. Some towns also have groups where people can give away their toys to other members of the group. Some towns have Mommy Groups, where every weekend member hold a get together and exchange toys.

  1. Have a Garage Sale

Before the holiday season begins, plan a garage sale where you can give away your old toys and also make enough money to purchase new toys and gifts. This way you can also educate your kids about the importance of giving away their toys and clothes to the needy. Some charities also compensate these amounts in your income tax.

  1. Create Something

Handmade gifts are always adored by kids. The cheapest and easiest thing to make is a photo album or scrapbook. You can save photos on flash drive and print them out on computer paper and have them framed. This is a great tip for saving money on toys and also involves creativity.

  1. Give Memories

There is one more than which is more important than any tip for saving money on toys and that is, no gift an compare to the memories your create with your kids. Whether it is a trip to the zoo, or a movie night, or a family night out; give your children great memories and they will be free of cost.

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