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The Trash Pack Garbage Truck – Fun Toy

The Trash Pack Garbage Truck

Each year, some toys come in the market that have an edge over the others due to their “gross” and “unusualness”’ factor and kids go crazy after them not being content with any other toy as an alternative.  Same is the scenario this year with The Trash Pack Garbage Truck from Moose Toys.

So what is the secret behind the popularity of these toys? These toys have an uncultured feel to them and it is a brilliant idea to gain attention by sticking small toy figures in trashcans for kids to find out.

But these toys also pose a threat to parents- once your kids start collecting these toys, there is no stopping him! These toys are popularly called “trashies” and The Trash Pack Garbage Truck can carry around ten of these “trashies.”

Along with this toy truck come two most demanded ‘trashies’. More than a 100 of these gross gang figurines ‘trashies’ are available for collecting and are known as “Gross Gang in your garbage.”

An extra addition for the children’s excitement to these trashies is the very special “Glow in the dark” trashies. The reason why these toys are named The Trash Pack Garbage Truck is because they resemble the gooey relishes found in a garbage pile in a house.

Children go crazy after these trashies. They are categorized differently like “Putrid Pizza” and categories like “Grubz”, “Mucky Maggot” and “Bin Critters” are also available. The names of these toys may send chills down the parents back, but the kids are wild about The Trash Pack Garbage Truck. The garbage truck tows these trash-mates.

These ‘trashies’ resemble rotten fish or smelly cheese and can be put into the truck. Squeezable cast-off machines, thrown away apple centers, insects, and rats can also be found among these collectibles.

The Grubz line has tiny people like the Awful pie and the Garbage Egg which looks like vomit. The Rancid Steak figure can also be spotted. All the other figures like the Sicken Chicken, Pizza One and Off Cheese all these figurines have a meaningless beam on their faces.

Kids are crazy about these toys rubbish line which includes “the Smelly Sock” and “the Putrid Boot.” The line also includes “The Bin-sects” named like Rancid Roach and Bin Scab Beetle

The Trash Pack garbage Truck tows away such delightful gems like the Chicky Pox, the Flesh Eating Virus and the Flu Virus. Children just simply love each one of them.

When buying this truck for towing and storing your kid’s yummilicious garbage goodies, don’t forget to buy 5 Pack collectibles of The Trash Pack ‘Trashies’ in order to encourage your child build his own collection.

If you like, you can also buy the Collectors tin of Trash Pack ‘Trashies’ so that your kid can keep his collection safe and intact as the collection keeps growing.  You can actually buy the Collectors tin along with the truck because it is for sure that your child’s collection will keep growing rapidly.

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