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The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls Review

The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls


The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls by the MGE Entertainment have an enchanted tale behind them as to why these Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls were included in the list of the top ten hottest toys of the year. The tale is that these adorable and fastidious dolls were formerly merely rag dolls.

Although they were only conventional dolls, but undoubtedly were very attractive. Nevertheless, after they were finally sewn and stitched, the dolls became alive and a source of happiness and enjoyment to every kid’s heart as they had their sole doll to embrace. It is said that these dolls pick up sweet personality traits due to the type of fabric they are made up of.

One of the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls “Crumbs Sugar Cookie” is believed to have been made right out of a baker’s apron.  Undoubtedly, that is why she is so pleasantly sugary and is wanted by all the children.

She has flexible and sturdy hair but the children can effortlessly twist them into any style. The hair can be left straight, or can be curled or twisted. The dolls also come equipped with some tools to fashion the hair and make it a lot more fun.

The hair can be brushed, and the availability of six pretty beads and four clips let children fashion the hair in any way they please. Sugar Cookie model also comes escorted by a tiny loveable pet.

This Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll from MGA Entertainment has a pet mouse with ears yellow from the inside and a pink curly tail which can be styled either in a curly way or can be straightened.  It has the similar button eyes like the adorable Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls.

What makes these dolls so appealing and lovable to your kids are their rag doll style head, the button eyes and imitation stitched mouth. The kids cannot help hugging the doll continuously. The gorgeous Sugar doll also has buddies!

A must have among these Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls is Sugar Cookie’s friend, the Jewel Sparkles. Similar to the Sugar Cookie, this charming doll’s hair can also be twisted into any manner. She also comes equipped with clips and hair beads for your child’s fun time.

A visible quantity of intricate detail has solely gone into the dress. It is a dark shade of burgundy color, the skirt is ruffled and the ensemble is pruned with lace. Jewel Sparkle also comes with a pet just like her friend Sugar Cookie. But, the pet is a tiny pink cat and its tail can be curved and formed into anyway.

These Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls by MGS Entertainment are really adorable and they are perfect as a gift for people who are avid collectors of special dolls. Ensure that you purchase these dolls now and gift your loved ones something enchanted and special.

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