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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has always been one of the favorite team of heroes amongst kids, especially after their latest movie was released in 2014. If your child is also a fan of these heroes, then the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo would definitely be the perfect toy. It features Leonardo, one of the four turtles. In this toy, your child would be able to hear Leonardo’s voice cries. The pitch of his voice rises as his hands are pulled and stretched further apart!

This toy is the creation of Playmates Toys. Just like always, this toy is the result of wild imaginations and creative thinking. Well, how many people in the world thought of making a toy that would shout out battle cries in different pitches depending on how much their hand is stretched.

Yank on the arms a bit and hear Leonardo shout, then raise the arms further and you can hear that the pitch of the voice becomes higher. When you release the arms, Leonardo will finish his word or phrase, followed by the battle cry sound.

Tugging on Leonardo’s arms will make him shout in a considerably grave voice. Upon pulling his arms further apart, the pitch of his voice rises. Then, when the child eventually releases Leonardo’s arms, he will finish what he was saying and make a war cry sound.

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This stretchable toy stands at a height of thirteen inches, and depicts Leonardo from the series quite perfectly. It has a big head coupled with turtle’s limbs. The weapons such as Dual Katana are also included and some are molded on the hands.

To use this toy, you would need 3 batteries in AAA size, and yes, they are included in the playset! Hearing ‘Cowabunga’ will let you know that it’s time to play with Leonardo, whose hands can be stretched by as much as 8 inches. The longer his hand gets, the higher the pitch of his sound gets.

Leonardo can also be made to fight with Foot Clan as well as Shredder, and like always, he is sure to be victorious. His war cries make him quite intimidating for the opponent.

Playmates has created many simple ninja toys, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo is pretty much the same. However, it keeps your child occupied more than other toys would, and shows him incredible realms of imagination.

In addition to Leonardo, you can also get Raphael in the Stretch ‘N’ Shout Ninja playset. He is featured with a red mask and a suit just like in the cartoons and movies. To fight the evil forces better, purchase both Raphael and Leonardo, and team them up!

What makes Playmates’s toys so awesome are the skilled craftsmen. They make the toys simple yet elegant and playful. Moreover, they can withstand rough treatment and fight hundreds of battles to defeat the forces of evil.

You should definitely opt for Ninja Turtle toys and other similar products from Playmates if your child is a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some of the other popular brands from the company includes ‘Waterabies’ and ‘Hearts’ for little princesses. Children enjoy their ‘Turtle Time’ during weekends, holidays, and summer vacations both indoors and outdoors.

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