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Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy Review

Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with CanopyWhether you want to take your young baby to the local swimming pool, a lake or just have been thinking introducing him or her to water at a very young age, Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy is just the right thing that you’d need to make this happen.

This floatation toy is really safe for babies, despite the fact that floating or any aquatic activity for babies of this age are ought to be fraught with peril. However, it’s made such that it’d be delightful to see your kid perfectly fit into the mesh seat.

The ring actually is the real deal in this activity center. Once you pop in your kid inside it, you can spin him or her, take trips around the pool and also have both of the arms free to wipe away the water drops due to other random water splashes.

It also has a canopy to save the baby’s soft and sensitive skin from harmful UV rays in the sunlight. You don’t need to particularly worry about sun rays reaching the sensitive head, hands and feet anymore because the canopy has come to the rescue finally.

This is not the end to the features of this floatation toy, in fact it also comes with an octopus toy. The arms of the octopus can be used to hold tiny favourite toys of the baby. After all, nobody wants to go alone for a water ride!

The octopus is more than a mere holder of toys. This fancy octopus is attractive and has been placed in the activity centre for some exclusive fun. Upon pressing, it activates the squeaker, the rattler, teether, stacking rings as well as the soft touch star.

Here are the features of the Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy as follows in the form of a list:

Suitable for age range of 9 to 24 months
Interactive play center
Well made canopy providing protection from the sun
Octopus arms holding the teether, squeaker, stacking rings, rattle and a soft touch star
Easy storage quality

Is the Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy worth your money?

There’s hardly any debate over the perks of buying this float activity center for a baby. It is possibly the best way to prepare him for future swimming in at such a young age. It also saves the babies from any sort of water phobia or repellant to being washed or bathed.

It also adds to the water fun of the parents indirectly. It does require supervision but not to an extent that you have to keep both of your hands on the kid for his safety. Once you know your baby is stable and busy having some aquatic fun, you can also swim around in the same place to relax yourself.

Water has always been a relaxing medium. The kid is literally floating on the water with this float activity center and his or her feet are dangling in the water. This is a healthy activity as it promotes movement as well as some outdoor fun.

Coming to the outdoor fun it’s not always necessary that the selected water place is nearby. When going to a family trip away from your own home or even going for a family vacation you can always make this activity center a part of your luggage in a very easy way.

It can be folded up and taken along wherever you want to. However, it has been reported that the folding capability of this toy center from Swimways still require some improvement. Before one is able to fold up the floating center correctly, it requires a few tries as well as some efforts. So just make sure, you practice it a few time before instead of being worried regarding packing it up for the trip right in the end.

If you are looking for a toy which let’s your baby play in water in an exceptionally safe way then stop looking elsewhere and do purchase Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy because there’s literally no downside to owning this attractive yet useful water activity center.

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