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Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill Review

Step2 Grand Walkin Kitchen and GrillThere’s no escaping from the long known fact that kids simply love to imitate the people they live around the most. One of the most mimicked and pretending activity is about cooking and grilling. A lot of times your kid would want to accompany you in the kitchen for his or her pretend play time but you’d try to keep him/her off as it’s not safe and also distracts you.

Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill is going to save you from so much hassle as this is not only a pretend kitchen but also a complete play room. Hence, don’t worry if you need to keep more than one kid busy at your place. You can always suggest them to cook and grill some feast in their own walk-in kitchen and grill.

This is way higher and advanced than other toy sets which promote imaginative play as well as imitating games because it’s bigger than usual toys and is just as equipped as kitchen as you would have wished for yourself since ever.

It’s beautifully detailed and keeps the kid busy cooking and grilling for hours and hours. The wooden floor seems to be made of hard wood whereas it’s just made up of cushion foam to ensure your kid’s safety.

It has a very realistic looking grill which also has buttons. Kids would love to BBQ something there, as the accessory set included in this toy set on purchase included miniature hot dogs, bread slices, buns, whole chicken as well as pineapple slices. You might just expect a great lunch or dinner once they get this, sadly it’ll only have pretend eatables instead of real food.

However, the kitchen is made of stainless style refrigerator, microwave and phone as well. Who doesn’t want to pick up calls when busy making something in the kitchen? The phone is more than just a pretend one because it also makes beep sounds upon pressing its buttons.

Above the refrigerator is a water dispenser as well. It has a white cabinet that is voluminous enough to keep the pretend dishes, plates and other cooking utensils safe inside. There’s also a stainless style tap with a faucet.

The stove top is detailed and finely made. It has a compartment below for temporary storage of your things. The stove has proper buttons and also produces a light effect to make it look like something’s getting heat through a reddish orange flame.

Here are the features of Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill in the form of a list as follows:

Suitable for ages between 2 to 8 years of age.
2AA batteries required
Kitchen with a grill, stove top, refrigerator, water dispenser, cabinet, microwave and phone.
Comes with an accessory kit of 103 pieces

Is the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill worth your money?

This fantastic pretend walk-in kitchen stands out in all of the pretend kitchens in the market because of its fine details and of the fact of it being extremely well made. It has a lot of features, and each one them is equally fine and precise.

Such a master piece has to be assembled by an adult. Because of the immense detailing and so many features, it almost takes up to 1-2 hours of setting it up. Hence, it’s not an immediate set up but the time taken to make it stand upright is worth it and rewarding once your child gets to see it.

It’s a complete set, as the accessory set included in the toy set on purchase has more than 100 pretend items in it. You would not need to buy any other miniature food items or pretend cooking utensils when you are buying this for your child.

However, you can always allow your kids to supplement it with kitchen items that they own previously. It’ll just add to the fun and encourage imaginative play to much a higher degree ultimately.

The kitchen has been so perfectly designed for your kid, keeping the mess kids make and their safety that you would want to work in this pretend kitchen instead of your own. The numerous features keep the kids engaged.

The 2AA batteries are required for the electronic features of the phone, stove and other things. This adds up to the spice of the playtime and attraction to the toy set. It’s setting up procedure might be laborious but its sturdy enough and definitely outlive the age range instead of breaking.

The only downside to buying the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill is the price that it comes in. It is somewhat more expensive than all of the other kitchen or grill sets launched by toy companies.

The price is basically that of the detailing of the toy set. Once set, and discovered by your kid completely you’d find this purchase worth every single penny.

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