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Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Review

Step2 Big Splash WaterparkIt’s known like since ever now that so many kids are big fan of water. They love playing with water and would go anywhere to play with it for hours. But now you can bring a water table home, so that your kid can play with water and water game accessories. Step2 finally launches the fun-filled toy Step2 Big Splash Waterpark suitable for kids as young as 18 months till 5 years of age.

This water table is the ultimate water park which promotes hours of imaginative play. It’s the absolutely the right size for kids ranging from 18 months to 5 years of age but it’s enjoyed by kids older than this range as well.

It is stable enough, and doesn’t fall apart at all. This quality of this miniature water park makes it safe for your kid as well as a group of kids being naughty. They are just kids after all.

With the trait of standing upright despite some rough use, this water table has longevity and is sturdy enough for daily use because of the goof plastic that has been used to make it. Not to worry, if your kid plays it alone or with his or her buddies every day for hours and hours because it won’t snap till the outlives the suitable age range.

It has some splendid accessories which add on to the waterpark theme tremendously. The accessories include a water slide as well as a water wheel. They are easily fixed on to this water table, as the kids pour water onto the wheel it would rotate and if they splash the water onto the slide the figure swimmer will drift down the slide into the pool.

The accessories are well made and are very colorful as well. This adds onto the vibrant appearance of the toy and becomes more appealing to every kid out there. You can also buy it to help your kid get rid of water terror so that he can build up a healthy relationship with water and bathing ultimately.

Here are the features of the Step2 Big Splash Waterpark in the form of a list as follows:

Suitable for kids between 18 months to 5 years of age.
Water slide
Water wheel
Catapult diving board to flip swimmers into the pool
Proper drain plug
Accessory set
Dimensions are 31.5 x 31.5 x 31 inches

Is the Step2 Big Splash Waterpark worth your money?

There’s no doubting when it comes to the fact that this waterpark from Step2 is ultimate fun toy for kids who are fascinated by water. The colorful tower is the real place where the water slide and water wheel are assembled together. Kids can pour in water to the upper green colored container and make the wheel spin. This toy set comes with two miniature swimmers as well, which can be made to slide down and also flipped into the pool water by the bright colored catapult diving board fixed on the other side.

The probable downside to this water splashing promoting toy set, is that a kid of around 18 months won’t be able to figure out the mechanic of these aquatic fun activities so easily. That won’t be rewarding sight, so even if you are buying it make sure you help him out. Once he gets hold of all the things this waterpark allows, he’d never want to leave it.

It’s easy to assemble; the base is wide enough to provide is stability for standing upright. However, the accessories don’t snap in upon being fixed in fact they just rest in place. Some have even reported that the accessories fall off upon rough use and are to be fixed by an adult him or herself.

Accessories falling over can always be fixed with glue or other ways to keep pieces together. This is the solution only of you face this problem and have to fix the accessories a lot of times in a day while your kid plays with it. Otherwise, let him have all the imagination rolling inside the brain.

This is one of the few sturdy enough water tables available for your kid, which can hold quite much of water. It’s said that it can hold up to 4 gallons considerably. This makes it a safe yet explore-able aquatic fun activity for a child. Hence, Step2 Big Splash Waterpark is a great purchase and is definitely worth your money.

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