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Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Snowspeeder Review

The Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder is an excellent fun filled toy which is going to prove a sure delight for your kids and all fans of Star Wars regardless of their age and it is surely going to be a valuable addition to all collectors. The Snowspeeder has been designed with astounding similarity to the looks and details shown in the movie.

A Snowtrooper officer figures comes with it which has resemblance with a Stormtrooper when it comes to the color of the armor and some other details. The eye of the figure is however different from what is there in the original Stormtrooper and it is also a bit smaller than the original Stormtrooper eye.

Some accessories also come with the Snowtrooper. There is a backpack and a blaster gun which are removable at play time. The legs are bendable so it is possible to make him sit or stand. This also means that you can get him to pilot the Snowspeeder sitting in a natural pose.

The hands of the Snowtrooper have been designed such that they can easily grip the controls when inside the cockpit which gives an impression that he is really in control of the cockpit. Snowspeeder can hold two figures at the same time in the cockpit. So it is possible to engage in joint play with a friend or just to extend the imaginative play by adding another character to the situation your child creates.

A little assembly will be required to ensure that once assembled the Snowspeeder looks exactly like the one seen in the movie and pictured on the outside of the box. However, the assembly time is hardly a few minutes and it is not complicated at all.

One of the most amazing features in Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Snowspeeder is the missile launcher mounted on the ship. It is a working missile launcher and fires the included missile at push of a button.

One more thing which is great about the missile launcher is the fact that is a removable one. This means that you can either use it in the ship or remove it and play it along some other Star Wars toys. The one drawback is that only one missile is included, therefore, if you happen to lose the missile, you will not be able to use missile launcher then.

These missiles are not available for purchase separately,therefore, you should keep this fact in mind when you are buying this toy for a little child who is prone to losing things. Some hidden landing gear is fixed underneath the Snowspeeder.

The landing gear can be pulled to put the amazing ship on display, especially if you are a collector. Hasbro has given a lot of attention to detail when making this Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Snowspeeder and that is loved by the Star Wars fans.

It is possible to have a look at the storage areas and twin engines when you look at the toy close up. While it is not possible to open the storage areas, you can admire the extent of thought that has been put into the design of the craft. The fans of Star Wars as well as kids agree that Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle First Order Snowspeeder is definitely one of the most interesting toy vehicles in the Star Wars Force Awakens toys product line.

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