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Star Wars Big Figs Classic 18″ Deluxe Electronic R2-D2 Review

Any toy that is associated with the Star movie franchise is sure to be a hot seller. Right from the moment when the Star movie franchise was created, it has been a passion for audience all over the world.

Some of the characters from the movies that were released first are still on the wish list of every child and many grown ups too and this is the exact case with the Star Wars Electronic R2D2. This character has also been a favorite among the fans and continues to remain so with every new release of the movie.

Therefore, it is quite logical that toys that are made after this character are going to be big sellers. A similar toy was created with R2-D2 Interactive Droid. When the hit movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in 2015, all the toys based on characters of the movie, the playsets and character figurines were in high demand boy children and adults alike.

In fact some of these toys were so hard to find during the Christmas time because they were sold old. And the situation is likely to be the same this year as well because a new Star Wars movie is scheduled to be released. The new movie called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be released somewhere around  mid December. And the toys based on the movie characters and the various playsets created around it will be top selling toys.

The Star Wars Electronic R2D2 toy is based on that movie. The sales of these toys increase a lot whenever a Star Wars movie hit the cinemas. And all wise parents will buy this toy as soon as it has become available so that they do not miss it around Christmas time when their kid really wants to have it.

There has been speculation about whether the The Star Wars Electronic R2D2 will be as interactive as R2-D2 Interactive Droid. But one thing is sure that this toy is going to engage your child for many hours of thrilling playtime.

It may be able to speak, thanks to the sensors in the toy and respond to the voice activation. And it is also possible that it has a button activation to do the actions it is commanded to do. It is 20 inches tall and on push of a button it features real movie sounds and has automated leg movement.

The Star Wars Electronic R2D2 comes alive when you push the activation button and then you can have fun with its whistles, beeps and its most famous leg bounce. It has multiple points of articulation. One of the most amazing feature is its 360 degree spinning top dome. This toy is for kids aged 3 years and higher.


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