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Spin Master Hatchimals Toy Review

One thing that is sure to delight kids is giving them surprise. And when that surprise is linked with a toy then it surely will create a fun and learning experience for the kid. The toy creator Spin Master has mixed up both things – a toy with the anticipation of a surprise. And this has become so popular among kids that it has been included in the Walmart’s 25 Hottest Toys for 2016.

A Hatchimal is basically a pet toy that comes inside an egg. The child can not get a peek inside the egg to see what is inside. There is only one way for the kid to get to know that and that is by taking care of the egg till the time it hatches.

Once the kid has completed the play incubation period of the egg, it will hatch. However, what the child will get as a pet after hatching is anybody’s guess. Your child will only know that what is inside her or his egg during the hatching phase.

And Hatchimals are different. Therefore, your child can get different variations and different pets. Imagine these features and you instantly can guess that Hatchimals are going to be on the top of most sought after toys list of 2016.




The exact details of the toy have been shrouded in mystery to keep the surprise element protected. But one thing is sure that the animal that your child waits patiently for during the hatching will become a beloved of your child.

The Hatchimals have been created for both boys and girls. There have been different hints about names and Pengualas is one name that is most common.

Another one id Draggles. You may also find Owlicorns Hatchimal eggs. Some speculation has been going on to identify the animal inside from the colors or other marks on the egg. Some consumers have opined that one Hatchimal egg might be a mixture of green and purple.

What is really exciting and amazing about this new pet toy from Spin Master is that it is an interactive toy which is something that is sure to make the children excited. There are also certain learning modes in the Hatchimals toys too.

The learning stage will help the hatchimal customize its actions for the child. And in order to start with a clean slate again, you can reset the toy back to the factory settings. These are durable toys that have been created with a mixture of plastic and metal. The Hatchimals toys recommended age for kids is 5 years or older.

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