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Sky Viper Streaming Drone Review

One of the best drones with the highest value for money is Sky Viper Streaming Drone. And it is for some reason that it has also been included among the hottest toys 2016 list of Walmart. It is very easy to use and comes with so many features that are available in some higher priced drones.

It is a big one measuring 13 inch from one blade to the other and its weight is about two pounds. So you can consider it fairly lightweight. It is easy to set up. The drones is shipped in an assembled state and to make it airborne all you need is that you charge it and put in the batteries.

It charges quite fast and you get decent flight time with Sky Viper Streaming Drone. The flying time can be up to 18 minutes. This is quite good time for your streaming projects.

As with all the other drones that you purchase, it will need some initial calibration to ensure sensors accuracy. These sensors are important for drone flight because they let the drone sense any kind of interference that might affect its flight like trees, buildings or wind.

It is easy to maneuver this drone and the response to remote control is quick with directional changes. The drone has been designed keeping in view different types of users and you can set the flight mode that suits your requirements.

The three modes are beginner, intermediate and then the advanced. Anyone who is flying a drone for the first time should always start with the beginner level and then try the other levels once comfortable with its operations.

It is also possible to use this drone inside or outside. There are safety guards which are provided and can be used with the blades to protect damage to other things and to the blades as well.

The camera provided on the drone has the ability to move up to 130 degrees in different directions. This wide angel coverage allows the drone to capture some decent aerial footage. If you can use a panoramic video camera with it, then you will be able to get shots from all angles and take 360 degree snapshots.

The distance for clarity is about 200 feet. You can steam video or take pictures. It comes with its own camera but you can remove the camera if you want so and it will still operate fine.

In fact it is advisable that you remove the camera if you intend to make the Sky Viper Streaming Drone do some stunts or other similar actions that might damage the camera.

It is easy to perform stunts with the one touch stunt button provided. The drone’s body has been made with polypropylene for use for a long time. This drone is compatible with many smart devices like Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and top Android devices.

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