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Shopkins Tall Mall Playset Review

Kids always adore the idea of going shopping with their parents because it is a lot of fun. When they see their parents doing shopping, they also want to emulate their parents. However, since it is not possible for them to visit shopping malls on their own, the Shopkins has brought the shopping mall experience to the children in the form of Shopkins Tall Mall Playset. Because kids love anything Shopkins, this playset is included in the hottest toys list 2016 from ToysRUS.

With this playset, children are free to shop their hearts out. They can explore all that this imaginary shopping mall has on offer and shop until they drop. They can go to the first level of the Shopkins Tall Mall Playset  and there they will find the home and garden department. They can explore the mall here and pretend play to buy their desired products for either their gardening needs or they may look around to buy their desired home products.


Once they are free, they can then head over the four court with 4 Shopins and enjoy their favorite lunch there. It is designed similar to how food courts are found in malls. Once they are again full of energy after lunch, they can take the elevator in the Shopkins Tall Mall Playset  and go the Petkins Parlor which is located on the top floor where the little Shopkins can groom themselves with a pedicure or a trim.

When the children have had a fun filled shopping day, the playset can easily fold into a small size for compact storage option. Once it has been folded down, it can be easily carried away from its handle for storage.

Those children who love Shopkins love the idea of their fellow shopping friends which are four exclusive Shopkins who also happen to love Shopkins Tall Mall Playset . And they have a lot of fun and play time because it has three different levels i.e home and garden store, food court and finally Petkins parlor.

The playset is ready to play and not much assembly is required and it comes with four exclusive Shopkins already included with the purchase. And it is also an ideal place to store all the Shopkins your child has.

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