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SelfieMic Music Set Review

All of us have a little music star hiding in us. And more so in case of children who love to sing to the music. And if you are parent looking for a toy for a child who loves music and singing, then SelfieMic Music Set from Moose Toys is an excellent one. This toy is also in the Toys r Us hottest toys for 2016 list.

It is basically a toy that combines a selfie stick with a mic that allows your child to record  videos by singing into the mic. Children can can sing or lip syn or even perform independently to songs from the famous singers and artists like Just Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Adriana Grande. The songs can be downloaded from StarMaker app.

The kids will start to explore the real star in themselves when they will be creating their own music along with quality video and audio. All they need to do is to attach the selfie stick to their smartphone and the mic automatically connects to your smartphone.

And when they hit the pretend stage button, your child is in the midst of spotlight. They can feel on stage singing to thousands of screaming fans which are shouting out their names and then your child can give his or her best to these roaring fans and give them the performance they will remember with this SelfieMic Music Set.

So select your next music single and let everybody know that you were born to grow into a music star. When you buy SelfieMic Music Set, you get a working microphone with adjustable selfie stick, one earpiece and also StarMakter App.

This mix of selfie stick with microphone gives an experience that goes beyond any Karaoke. The StarMaker app has a collection of more than three millions songs and more are added daily. And with the video and sound effects, you feel like a real singing sensation. Starmaker is a paid app, but you get 1000 credits free with SelfieMic Music Set. This toy is suitable for children aged 8 years and older.

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