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RX Aerio Micro Mini Nano Drone Review

RX Aerio Micro Mini Nano DroneIs you teenager an absolute fan of flying? Are you looking for a toy that actually flies in the air? The RX Aerio Micro Mini Nano Drone might just be the end to your endless struggle to find something that can practically glide in the air.

Its popularity in the market cannot be accredited to a single quality because it’s the best flying toy in the history of toys. Almost everyone who has owned it or owns it, can claim its outstanding durability without a second thought.

Unlike the countless copies of it are available at only slight cheaper rates, the mini drone doesn’t fail to impress one with its robust plastic blades and a metal shaft. Flying is ought to be fraught with peril, as the drone might crash anywhere.

It won’t break even after crashing into the ceiling, stones and other hindrances. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to take any less care of it and can fly it carelessly. It’s a battery operated flyer which definitely asks for some reasonable care.

The most distinctive feature of this vehicle is the 6 axis gyro. This was introduced in the toy to make its flight very stable and yet sensitive to the control of remote handed over to your kid. The controller might seem too touchy at the beginning, but once you are accustomed to the sensitivity of remote controller of this drone you have an irreplaceable flying experience.

The flight time is of eight times. It doesn’t have to be charged for a very long time before one starts maneuvering it around in a big yard. It only has to be charged for thirty minutes before use. The range within which it works is pretty impressive too; it has a range of 30m.

Many bigger drones or flyer might be available in the market, but this small toy outplays them in toughness. It doesn’t cripple on hitting minor crashes and bumps whereas many expensive and bigger playthings might just succumb to such crashes. This makes it a very affordable present for your kid.

Here are the features of the RX Aerio Micro Mini Nano Drone in the form of a list as follows:

Suitable for kids as well as adults of 14 years and above
6 axis gyro
Recharge time: 30-40 minutes
4 channel radio
Range up to 30m

Is the RX Aerio Micro Mini Nano Drone worth your money?
The design of this drone as well as the very few basic colors used to make it, might remind you of a phantom quad copter. Well, it actually is wonderful and best possible miniature of a quad copter.

Its size is pretty small. The size dimensions come with its advantages and disadvantages as well. The advantages include that because of the ratio of weight and motor power accompanied by 6 axis gyro makes precise flight very feasible. The drone is stable enough while flying and clear remote control buttons make it more joyful

However, the size and weight becomes a problem in gliding when the weather becomes windy. The toy from RX Aerio hence cannot soar in a well-balanced manner once the wind picks up. Still, light breezes don’t interfere with the drone’s flying at all.

The toy has LED lightings, so that it can be flown at night too. In fact, in darkness the  air craft derivative puts on an amazing flying show for about 5-8 minutes if it is fully charged.

It’s very easy to set up and the instructions given along with it to set it up are very clear too. This well built craft has spare parts available in the market such as a new set of plastic blades. However, it’s a rare possibility that you’d have to go for a new part because the sturdy Nano Drone doesn’t succumb to injuries caused by simple bumps and crashes.

The making of this miniature drone has kept simple and yet outstandingly durable. Anyone looking for on board cameras and other fancy accessories while purchasing RX Aerio Micro Mini Nano Drone will be disappointed.

This is just a simple toy which offers precise and accurate flight of a maximum of eight minutes. It’s a great buy because your kid will never get enough of it. You might have to buy another one for his or her sibling!

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