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Critical Role of Toys in Child Development

toys child developmentToys play a very significant role in your kid’s growth. Playing with toys in the young age can bring innumerable benefits to kids for their whole life. Playing with toys helps in improving kids’ circulatory systems and enhances their individuality. In the long term, toys teach kids about playing as a group or team. Let’s examine in details about the relationship between toys and child development and the significance of playing with toys.

More than thirty-six studies have been reviews and results showed that at least 33% of improvement can be seen in the development of young kids who play with toys. Those kids, who play with toys from the age of one and a half year, have a better intellect by the time they are three years old.

Talking more about the value of toys and child development in a healthy manner, research shows that kids who do not play with toys have insufficient willpower and those who play less with toys require extra support to uncover the welfares of play.

Playing with toys educates your kids about collaborating with others and about obeying rules and also makes them self-disciplined. A study in the Journal of Pediatrics printed in 2009 showed that it is counterproductive to stop a kids’ break in school as a punishment.

Teachers who allowed recess and took away recess from their students aged eight and nine reported their behavior. Children who were allowed recess were more successful at school work than those who were punished and denied recess.

You as a parent are aware of your kids’ strengths and weaknesses and thus only you can enhance his growth by selecting the right toy. Choosing toys which are educational will endorse knowledge, music or mathematics and will enhance personal characteristics.

Toys and child development go hand in hand. Playing with toys has many advantages like teaching kids about cooperation, enhancing inspirations and growth of motor skills. The American Heart association has also endorsed that there is a strong linkage between playing with toys and child development and children should play with toys for at least one hour every day.

According to a study in the American Journal оf Preventative Medicine issued in 2005, those kids aged between nine to eighteen years old who played with toys everyday were more energetic and fit when they grew up.

The advantages of playing with toys and child development are innumerous and long-term. So ensure that your kids are playing with their toys every day for a minimum of one hour and you will be surprised to see the benefits you will be providing him and that too for life long.

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