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Razor PowerCore E100 Electric Scooter Review

Scooters have been insanely popular among kids since they first arrived. And now with the Razor PowerCore E100 Electric Scooter, the kids can enjoy a better and faster ride with even better control than before.

This toy has also been featured on the the Hottest 25 toys list of 2016 prepared by Walmart. The features available with this scooter make it the top choice among scooter when you think of buying one for your child. They can safely move from place to place at a nice speed of 10 MPH.

They will arrive at their friends’ house faster than ever before. Kids love the idea of moving around their neighborhood on scooters and Razor PowerCore E100 Electric Scooter is one of the best in its category.

The ride will be free from noise generated by whining or grinding sounds because the motor on it is chain driven. This is exactly what keeps the scooter in low noise pollution situation.

It is also high torque, which means that the rides can last longer than other scooters. This grip is twist type so children can easily hop on and off. When the children want to use the scooter, all they need to do is use an easy to use kickstart motion.

It is powered by a 24V battery which is rechargeable, therefore, the scooter has high replay value. The brakes are controlled by hand. There is a kickstand too which is loaded by spring.

The tires provided with Razor PowerCore E100 Electric Scooter are among the best in the market. It has an 8 inch front tire which makes the ride smooth even on jarring and harder bumps. The battery charger is included with the purchase of the scooter.

Some assembly is required initially but it is quite easy. When you get the scooter delivered, you will have to charge it before use for the first time. First time charging takes about half a day to fully charge the scooter. Therefore, keep this in mind if your child has been waiting impatiently for the scooter to arrive.

According to the given instructions, the scooter needs to be charged for a full day before using for the first time. The indicator line on the scooter turns to green when the scooter has been charged but the green light does not indicate that the scooter is fully charged.

The only reasonable way to be sure is to keep time from the first time the charging began. Scooter can travel for about 40 minutes on a full charge. Some factors will affect this time such as the weather condition and if the surface on which it is running is smooth or uphill.

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