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Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher Review

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Deluxe Dino Charge MorpherThe Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher would prove to be a great buy for your kid if he is a passing fan of Power Rangers Dino Charge. The Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher is a perfect 2-in-1 toy for those who found the 22 season of the American Series “Power Rangers” amusing.

With growing popularity of its characters, many companies have launched their versions of the toy but this one is the best one yet. It can be played as a colorful yet fierce plastic weapon, and also acts as a transformation device.

According to the Power Rangers Dino Charge, Dino powers were channeled into different Dino chargers. These Dino Chargers can now be fit into the deluxe Dino Charge Morpher to unravel a specific sound and light in your own Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher.

There are 40 different Dino chargers that are available in the market and can be installed with their own specific light and sounds installed in them. The power inside the weapon depends completely on the Dino charger it has at that particular time. And also, the weapon itself transforms itself according to the Dino charger put in.

With so many options to choose from, your child can never be bored of this glamorous toy. However, on purchase of this toy set you’d only get 2 Dino chargers inclusive in the toy box. So don’t forget to buy some more before your kid gets short on the range of his weapons to fight off the weapons and win the battles fiercely.
Below are the features of the Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher in the form of a list:

Suitable for kids of age 4 years and above
Morpher that can recognize 40 different Dino Charger, one at a time
Comes along with 2 Dino Chargers
3 non-standard batteries inclusive on purchase.

Is the Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher Worth your money?

This toy has dimensions of 2.8 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches has become a fundamental part of all the enthusiasts who watch Power Rangers Dino Charge. The two Dino chargers that come along the toy unlock a new sound.

The sounds are the actual phrases from the show itself so that kids automatically engage into a healthy physical activity pretending to gain their control on Energems.The toy is well made as the plastic used to make this is of good quality and gives a fierce color to the weapon.

The Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher is every kid’s favourite toy who already owns it as it looks like a ferocious dinosaur and is a Morpher. The red and black Dino chargers make your kid confident to play with the idea of a Power Rangers Dino Charge theme.

It’s a great buy only if your kid has a passing interest in TV shows or series. Otherwise, many fun full blaster guns are also easily available in the market to foster your kid’s interest in action themed play time.

However, for every single activist of the show who has already been bought the Power Rangers Dino Charge – Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher has been finding it extremely entertaining. Parents are happy because it keeps their kid very busy for hours, in imaginative play as well as healthy physical activity.

Parents know their kid the most, so find out what he watches and what he doesn’t. You never know this toy just must be on his wish list since quite some time. It’s definitely a fabulous purchase, but only for the right kid.


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