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Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station Review

No other toy has more replay value than the Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station which is also included in the Walmart’s Hottest Toys list for 2016. This play kit is jam packed with so many different projects which may help the creative side of your child really shine.

It comes with a box where everything is already tucked in and you can easily place back the supplies in it neatly after you have played with them. It is possible to open and spread out the station to give your child an easy access. It is also possible to use this station propped on a piece that is provided with the station, much similar to how an artist uses an easel.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station provides four different ways for the child to create beautiful and unique designs of her choice. And many supplies are already provided for this. It has a decorative station with 120 of the Pom Poms.

You can always order more of these. Since the toy itself is so much fun for the kids, it is quite possible that you buy additional Pom Pom refills.

135 adhesive dots are also included with the station which may be used with the Pom Poms, which are in their traditional pellets shape. There are a total of nine trays, eight of these are removable and a water tray.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station also has an adhesive roll dispenser which aids in making the designing an easier process. Two markers and a blotting cloth are also provided with the purchase. One pipette and one pain brush are also included with the supplies.

Apart from that there are 4 stamp pads for the kids to use, 4 water colors and a glitter pen too. What kids do while playing is that they decorate the Pom Poms with the tool of their choice, which might be a stamp pads or any other one. The Pom Poms colors will be different styles, which will all depend on the tool that the child used for coloring the Pom Poms.

The drying time of the projects vary which also depend on the tool with which the Pom Poms were colored. Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station comes with easy illustrations to follow.

Cleaning up is quite fast with this toy and after the child has played, it is easily folded up. The supplies can also be adjusted within the station. This toy is suitable for children aged between 8 and 11 years.

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