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Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set Review


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For all those game players who have experienced all kinds of adventurous games and collected different types of shirts and toys, it is not time to experience the Pokemon game with a new twist. Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set will immerse you in the two new action filled games for Nintendo 3DS called Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun.

When you have synchronized Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set with these games, you will be ready to experience the 4D adventures powered by the Z-RING which will react in different way to the new attack in the game that has been named Z-MOVE.

As the characters in the games unleash the might of the powerful Z-MOVE, the Z-CRYSTALS in the Z-RING start to make things beautiful with Z-RING, which will emit lights and sounds and will also vibrate.


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The look and feel of the Z-RING is customizable because you can buy additional Z-CRYSTALS. Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set will bring a whole new world of Pokemon battle experience. For best experience, grab different Z-CRYSTALS which will unlock different colors, sounds and vibrations. These Z-CRYSTALS are available in 6 additional colors.

Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set also has a Role-Play mode where you can play with it without the video game too. Your child can experience the fun of battle by bringing it to life by pressing the button on the Z-Ring. This will bring to life the battle with different lights, colors and vibrations of all the Z-Crystals. Three crystals are already there on the ring and you can add up to six additional crystals.


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So, if your child loves to play Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon on his Nintendo 3DS, then this will enrich his game experience by adding a 4th dimension to the game. When you buy Pokemon Z-Ring Interactive Set, you will get the Z-RING, a 2 inch Pikachu figure and three Z-CRYSTALS. Two AAA batteries are required which are included with the purchase. This toy is suitable for kids aged 4 years and higher.


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