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Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut Review

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play HutThis beauty saloon being launched by Playhut is far different for other play houses. It’s a brightly colored playhouse but this is where the comparison with all other toys comes to an end. It’s of a gleeful pink color. The Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut is the ultimate buy for your toddler girl.

This beauty boutique play set is the perfect way to induce interactive learning among your kids, and also nourish them with creative ideas. The play hut is voluminous enough to give your girl and her friend to pretend getting a hair cut, getting their nails manicured and pedicured and also to get ready for an event randomly.

It’s ideal for your child, to be creative enough in the boutique as it gives a very accurate look of a saloon featuring two entrances, one on one side and the other on the opposite site. It also has a window that can be opened, and a perfect front door adding to its realistic yet glamorous look.

It’s made up of a very durable and light weight material enabling it to be packed very easily and to be traveled along with the family in your vehicle. As it’s foldable, and very easy to carry girls can share it at cousin’s place or other little happy events.

The particular features that the Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut comes with are enlisted below altogether:

It’s appropriate for kids as young as 3 years or more of age.
An effortless emerging phenomenon while being set up
changing room
has side curtains covering the entrances
comes with a front door

Would buying the Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut worth your money?

The play hut comes with a unique feature that almost all other play houses have been deprived off. And that feature is the spacey changing room, which is a treat for all the girls who are passionate about trying out new outfits before they finally choose to wear one.

This interactive play toy stands out among other play sets that look similar upon the first look. This is so, because it also has a full-length mirror in the 3 feet tall play house. They can look closely what looks good on them and their friends and what doesn’t go well with the diva’s style statement.

The Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut has been made from the material which is as light as a feather. The hype while advertising the material was definitely worth it. However, the assembling of the Boutique play hut is not a pop-up phenomenon to be exact.

It’s easier to set up than many other play houses as there are a few bars that have to be passed through the loop flaps. This helps to keep the play hut upstanding and safe for kids to play inside. This is enables to the front door occupational. The changing room and its precious mirror is supposed to be installed by hand so it’d definitely take some time for the play hut to be built up.

The only drawback of this attractive play hut is that it might be too delicate because of its extremely lightweight material. It’s only supposed to be set indoor because of its fragility.

The Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut is a complete win-win despite it not being able to stand up erect in seconds. Secondly, it being made of very gentle material should be much of a big problem too as it’s supposedly a Beauty boutique for the already much gentle clients.

So please make sure, not to expose off this gorgeous play hut to some tough use. Let your toddler girls play in it for hours so that it nourishes their imagination, creativity and styling sense. It is toy that spreads laughter and smiles on every girl’s face. It is definite buy for your daughter or niece’s upcoming birthday.

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