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Pie Face Showdown Game Review

The original Pie Face game was a lot of fun and this year too another game of the similar type has been released. It is called Pie Face Showdown! Game and it is also included in the Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list.

This new game builds on the previous game but has its own twist. This game is kind of multiplayer now and with the players competing with each other, a lot of fun is guaranteed for whoever is involved or watching the game.

This is an ideal game for a family game night or you can have hilarious time at a party with your friends. It is an excellent team game.

It is easy to set up this game and it is itself a fast paced game. Therefore, there is no boredom and no waiting for turns issues with Pie Face Showdown! Game.

Once the game is all set up and ready to be played, all the players put whipped cream on the hand of the game. You will have to get this whipped cream separately because it is not part of the purchase of the game.

In case you do not like the stickiness that is associated with cream, you can play with the sponge too which is included with the game but most people like to play with whipped cream because of all the laughter and fun that it brings.

When you are ready to play the game, all the player put their chins on the chin rest which is one the side associated with their face. According to the instructions, you begin to count up to three and the game begins. But if there are children who squabble over games, then an adult may assume the duty of counting to avoid any bickering in the count.

At the count three, every player presses the button. This is the button which sets the throwing arm in motion. The arm can swing from one side to the other and can be aimed at any of the player and button press controls the arm.

It is a lot of fun because at the count of three, every player rapidly tries to push the button first to direct the arm towards the face of the opponent. When the arm has reached its desired position, it will shoot and splat the whipped cream on the face of the player it is aimed at.

The winner is the one who manages to escape without the face full of the whipped cream or the wetness from the sponge. When you purchase Pie Face Showdown! Game, you get pie thrower, the sponge, the chin rests, splash card masks and also the instructions to play the game. It is easy to clean the game once you are done with playing. The game is suitable for those with age 5 years and higher. Two people play at a time.

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