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Original Bedbug Toy for Keeping Kids Busy

original bedbugNeed is the mother of inventions. Original Bedbug was created by a mother named Lori Allen who was on the search for the perfect toy for her baby to spend time with when parents won’t be around. This toy lets the child enjoy the tranquility of the voice of a parent.

It hurt Lori when her daughter desired that her mother be around to tuck her in while reading her a beautiful bedtime story. From here, Lori got the idea of designing a toy that not only talked but also used Lori’s voice!

Original Bedbug has the shape of a soft little black and red ladybug. It’s the perfect size for a cuddle if your child needs a bedtime buddy. With this plush toy, your voice can be recorded and personalized messages can be created.

This toy has six legs just like a ladybug would. Three of these legs have special functions and are featured with the icons of a storybook, a sun, and a moon. When these symbols on the legs are pressed, various recorded messages are played, thus making your child happy as he/she hears your voice.

If you’re fretting over how to record or listen to messages, you need to know that it’s not rocket science. You do not need an internet connection or cables of any sort. You just have to turn over the bedbug, pull the strap, and pull out a small box.

The box has four buttons, one of them being the ‘record’ button. The other three deal with recorded messages, and go by the names of storybook, morning, and night. All you have to do is press on the type of message you want to record; for example, if you want to record a story, you should press ‘storybook’ and ‘record’ at the same time; and start recording.

When you are done with your recording, simply push the box back inside the toy. Now with just one press from your child, your personalized message will start playing. You may record all three types of messages at the same time and the story may three minute long.

It is not difficult to change stories and messages. The Original Bedbug is nothing like other toys which allow you to record. You can change the messages as per your will. Moreover, the soft material of the toy lets your child cuddle up with it and go to sleep.

Your child won’t wake up if he/she accidentally presses the Original Bedbug’s legs while turning about. The buttons are placed underneath the toy’s legs and the message can be heard only if the buttons are pressed properly.

Here’s something you might like to know. The Original Bedbug is packed inside a recycled package, and from every purchase, 1% goes to ‘One for the Planet’. Well, now there’s nothing to feel bad about when you purchase this toy!

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