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Onyx Zoomer Dino with Tin Storage Case – Award Winning Toy

Onyx Zoomer dino

Kids have always loved dinosaur toys at Christmas time and every year we see that some new dino toy becomes really popular. Recently the trend has been for interactive toys and bigger the toy , better it is for kids.

A toy that has won the Innovative Toy of the Year award for 2014 is surely going to make to the Christmas wish list of every child. The toy is named Onyx Zoomer Dino with Tin Storage Case.

This little dinosaur is ferocious, black and sleek looking at the same time. The toy also comes with its own little tin storage case for easy portability and safe keeping. This toy moves like a real dinosaur and your child will have to learn about how to control this Onyx Zoomer Dino with Tin Storage Case.

It has real dinosaur sounds and its detection abilities are of very high quality. It has ability to sense when you approach it and it will start its interaction with you. It is a good toy which offers scary fun because it is not easy to tame pets like dinosaurs and neither Onyx Zoomer Dino is a tame pet.

It spins around in a second and will try to chomp you down with a real angry roar. However, you need not be worried because its very innocent which is made with such brilliance that your kids will scream with delight when they play with this ferocious looking innocent friend.

Onyx Zoomer Dino does a sophisticated balancing act using True Balance Technology. A cup of wheels is all that it balances on while it moves freely in every nook and corner of your house just like a wild animal will.

Onyx Zoomer Dino loses its temper with one thing specially. It makes some crude built in noises when a child pulls at its leg. Parents should be ready for these noises like burps and gas sounds. But this is the stuff kids really love and grown ups sigh over it.

The toy runs on three triple A batteries which are not included in the packing. Since this is such an engaging toy that your your child will like to use it for a long time, therefore, it will be a good idea if you invest in rechargeable batteries with this toy because it will save you some money down the road.

Onyx Zoomer Dino is a toy which is Toys R Us exclusive and it is not possible to find it at many places. Get this gift early and let your child being his Christmas morning by looking at Onyx eyes to see what mood he is in because his eyes change colors with moods. His eyes are blue when he is friendly and they turn red when he is angry and purple eyes are for training mode.

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