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Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle Review

Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle

This is the time to make things right. Sensei Wu should be instantly freed and assistance is required. Sensei Wu is occupied making the lightning’s nunchucks fall into immoral hands.

If it is not acted upon, it could become a tragedy. The lightning’s nunchucks were made from the Golden Weapons and they were strictly observed by their watching dragon. No matter what age, this Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle from LEGO System, Inc lets all children reinstate stability in the world of Ninja.

This newest toy presents the Skeleton Army ousting Bandits and Shoguns. This new system has been rationalized and modernized because it has been brought in a new time period with the existence of automobiles.

The Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle mini figures have monikers that suit the characteristics of their personality but they are dissimilar in terms of the way their faces look. There are clans among the mini figures. Either your figure will be a hero or he will belong to the Skeleton Army. Huge weapons are also a part of all this and shouldn’t be used by those who don’t understand might.

The Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle utilizes your abilities to get liberty immediately. Make a team with the terrible Lightning Dragon and the Blue Lightening’s Ninja Jay to fight and get back Sensei Wu.

The Golden Weapon’s destiny is being risked and if the Underworld takes over it, there will be no hope left. But be cautious because the rival is very cunning, as well as tough, making it difficult to fight them.

The biting jaws of the helicopters can effortlessly abolish a ninja. The missiles are prompt and fight back with no compunction. The Red Skeleton of Fire Frakjaw is evil and cheats in the battle so it is better to take precautionary measures so that you can fight like a determined Ninja.

The Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle comes with the helicopter and its pilot. It also has a turn crack which spins the rotors. With the set, kids also get Sensei Wu, Kruncha and Frakjaw.

Silver mace, two gold spears, some large spears, the golden blade and the lightening nunchucks are all included in the weapons that you get in the Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle set. The Dragon is also a weapon to be precise, because it has the skills of tossing out lightning balls from its mouth. It has many play systems numbering in hundreds thus, keeping the children occupied and letting their imagination run wild for infinite time.



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