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NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster Review

NERF has transformed into a key maker of action based performance toys and has got the reputation of a lifestyle toys brand which is liked by adults and kids alike. NERF brand has one of the most loyal followers and once you have experienced the energy, attitude and excitement of NERF toys, you come to conclude that people rightly say that it’s NERF or nothing. And NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster is the latest from NERF for all those intense NERF battles. This toy is selling like hot cakes and has been included in the hottest toys list 2016 by ToysRUs.

With this playset come the ability for the kids to record their battles which are possible in almost all terrains except in wet conditions. Remote controlled blasting and live video are two great features that have been combined in NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster.

The live video feed makes it possible to see the targets that are out of normal view. These will be now visible on the LCD screen of the controller. This drone can be very useful for NERF players to for battle scouting for possible targets and attack can then be properly planned before the play begins. And the drone camera makes it possible for them to make videos and take pictures of the battlefield which the kids can later show to their parents and friends.

The remote is included with the purchase and it controls all the functions like flying the drone, dart blaster and camera. Since children like to play long engaging NERF battles, therefore, you will need to get a large storage SD card with this to store the photos and videos that children will take. The SD card will need to be purchased separately because it is not part of the purchase. It supports clip-fed 18 dart blasting for ultimate battle experience.

When you purchase NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster, you will get the drone, controller, blaster, 18 darts, and charger along with a rechargeable NiMh battery. A little bit of assembly is required but that can be completed without any tools. The controller operates with 4 AA batteries which you have to purchase separately.

CAUTION: to avoid injury it is a MUST that darts are not aimed at face of eye and only the darts that come with this product must be used. Any self modification to darts or blaster may result in injury.


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