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My Monopoly Game – Fun Time for Kids

It wouldn’t be wrong to regard to monopoly as one of the world’s most famous board games. Well, My Monopoly has succeeded in making the original monopoly concept even more interesting. The best part is that it is totally customizable! You can add your customized photos, properties, tokens, chance cards, and community chest with the official application of My Monopoly, or by visiting their webpage,

This game, in addition to being a good pastime for children, is also of great interest to adults. The gameplay is undoubtedly addictive, but so are the planning and preparation stages. The whole set consists of a board, 30 blank tiles, title deed cards, sticker sheets, tokens, community chest cards, chance cards, hotels, houses, money, 2 dice, and lastly an instruction manual.

This game contains everything that a good game night would need. You can choose your photos from your computer, smart phone, or social media accounts, and even insert captions to make them even funnier!

All you have to do is print out the pictures on sticker sheets which are a part of the set, and consider yourself ready to have fun on the board! You can use family photos, photographs from a memorable event, or even the dumb ones you take of yourself to send your best friends!

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Now you can choose whether to surprise everybody with the photos you choose or you can give them the liberty to choose on their own. If you’re in a hurry and looking for simplicity, just play the game as it is, just like the older, raw editions.

Purchases can be purchased, rent can be paid and earned, money can be gotten to pass ‘go’, or you can even go to jail! Where there’s so much to do, the addition of some personalization would certainly make the game much more enjoyable!

Hasbro has been around for quite a while now, and its toys are well-known for their durability and long lasting nature. Moreover, they are so easy to play with! My Monopoly is one such easily playable game where your whole family and maybe your group of friends can learn a totally innovative way of enjoying the already epic game.

This is perhaps the perfect board game for family gathering or for holiday nights. Additionally, Vintage Monopoly Game Board Poster can make things even more interesting in the game room. Just like My Monopoly, Monopoly Junior is a cool game designed for younger members of the family so they don’t miss out on all the fun.

Just like other famous games and movies have their collectibles and memorabilia, My Monopoly has a Monopoly aficionado is the Vintage Monopoly Game Board Ringer Coffee Mug for enthusiasts to enjoy coffee any time of the day, especially during the game itself.

Older members of the family ought to love the idea of customizable and personalized monopoly, since they have been playing the original version for ages. For them, younger members of the family should use photos from their youth to bring back all the good memories from their past.

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