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My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Review

My Little Pony has so many adorable mini figures that it gets quite difficult to opt for which one to buy. To solve this confusion, the company launched My Little Pony Pop Started Kit. With this set, your child’s creativity will be provoked, and your little girl will make use of her imaginative ideas to create wings, cutie marks, outfits, and hairstyles just the way she desires.

In addition to this, My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Kit contains stickers, wings, tail, and body hair. To create more combinations, another kit can be purchased, such as the Applejack, with which your princess tailor an Apple Dash.

Just like always, Hasbro has bridged the gap between reality and toys with this fun little pony. With My Little Pony Pop, your little princess can have more fun than she would perhaps have with an actual pony.

Girls love to dress up their dolls and make them look pretty by helping them try out different outfits and giving them different styles of grooming. The case would be similar for ponies too, and your child would have lots of fun accessorizing the pony with tail, hair, and stickers. With parts from other ponies, your child would have unlimited options to decorate her pony, probably leading to a uniquely decorated pony of her own!

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Other similar toys from the Hasbro Company are My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Starter Kit, My Little Pony Pop Fluttershy Starter Kit, and My Little Pony Pop Princess Twilight Sparkle Starter Kit. They will all add some extra uniqueness to the original pony collection your child has.

In addition to these, My Little Pony Compatible Organizer Strawberry/Pink helps keep the accessories arranged systematically, saving the child from hassle during playtime. The hanging design enhances visibility for your child and ensures that your child can easily reach what she wants.

Your girl and her friends would love to play around with these cute ponies during a sleepover, and would definitely love to sleep by their side. Therefore, My Little Pony Girls Sleepover Set has a sleeping bag, a carrying bag, and an eye mask for the pony. Your baby girl will definitely feel more mature with such sophisticated equipment.

Plush toys and accessories from Hasbro can give your little girl lots of fun and entertainment. Even though My Little Pony playsets are meant for children above 4 years of age, they are also pretty good for younger children.

My Little Pony toys are a great choice for those parents or grandparents who have a beautiful, pony-loving princess. Just like all other Hasbro toys, these ponies are also made to be durable and long lasting. Furthermore, they are the right size to be taken with the little girl on trips, or to the bed for cuddling.

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