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My Life As Food Truck Review


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My Life is a toy company that is famous for its 18 inch dolls for girls and all their beautiful accessories. They have created toys for varying tastes. There are for example wheelchair accessories toys along with different clothing options for the dolls.

The company has also recently released its 18 inch male dolls too. Both boys and girls love to play with their toys. And parents like these toys because in this digital age, these toys encourage real life play and expand imagination horizon of the children.

One of the newest and very exciting toys that My Life is releasing is My Life as a Food Truck. This new toy will set the children to play in real world, but this is also an inspiration for the children to become budding entrepreneurs.

My Life As Food Truck is a large pink colored truck having two front mirrors on both sides. Right above the serving windows is fixed a pink an white striped awning. The dolls are waiting in this window to serve the customers.


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The set comes with a lot of food, snacks and treats to play with. The dolls inside the truck can sell ice cream treats which may be served either as cones or as sundaes. Kids will love the ice cream scoop which has even a lever for releasing ice cream.

The dolls can hold the ice cream lever in one hand and the cone in the other hand and appear as if she is really scooping the ice cream. Other tasty foods like pretzels and tacos are also in there in the My Life As Food Truck.

Hambrugers and hotdogs are also there as more filling food options. Drink bottles and condiments are also provided to go along with the food. Different utensils for preparing the food are also included.

There is ledge outside on the window area for dolls to sit the food for the customers waiting outside the window. The doll can easily sit int the back of the truck for serving the customers and the child will not need to wiggle the doll in the window.

The truck can be opened from the back end for easily placing the doll inside and the truck is large enough for her to comfortably stand. There are fixed shelves on the inside for easy storage of the accessories because there are lot of these accessories.

When you purchase the My Life As Food Truck, it comes with more than 40 accessories. The doll can sit behind the truck’s steering wheel and drive it because of the wheels that can work on most surfaces.


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The truck is easy to assemble. The assembly is not very difficult but an adult will need to attach the decals at different places. You have to purchase the dolls separately because these are not included with the purchase of the truck.

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