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Monster High Boo York Comet Crossed Couple Review

Monster High Boo York Comet Crossed CoupleThe amazing couple of Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon have finally been brought into the amazing world of toys for your kid who cherishes Monster High School Musical “Boo York, Boo York”. Bringing the one of classiest fashion statements to the toy world, Monster High Boo York Comet Crossed Couple is must-have to your child’s figurines’ collection.

The couple in this toy set is the gorgeous daughter of the mummy and the retro looking son of Medusa. Both of figures wrap up fashion and are extremely eye-catching. Do grab a toy set for your kid if he is she cherishes up any one of these characters or is simply a big fan of dolls!

Cleo De Nile comes with blue dress on, which is actually metallic golden wraps-inspired and made up of shiny material itself. Cleo’s midnight blue and brown tresses have made it perfect for a Monster High Boo York themed display. She’s wearing copper accented jewelry which adds to her sassiness.

Cleo De Nile comes with her hair falling back. The hair is probably the best made in this doll, they are soft and blue in color upon looking closely. Her hair has glittery streaks as well. Just the hair a girl dreams off. The head wrap makes her appear like the best performer on the face of this earth.

Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon are like Romeo and Juliet of the Monster High Boo York. How can once make Cleo De Nile well and not pay the same amount of care and attention while making the guy? Thankfully, both of the characters have been equally well-made with stunning details.

Deuce Gorgon comes in a very cute green and blue colored sweat over gray collared shirt making him look monsterrifically attractive. His stone-cold stare is brought to the toy version of him as well but don’t worry, he also comes with golden wayfarers to block that scary look of his.

He is wearing cool black pants, which seem to be made of leather and have a snakeskin texture. As Cleo De Nile was made to wear funky snake and sphinx themed heel boots, Deuce Gorgon doesn’t fall behind in terms of foot wear fashion too. He comes in his typical red high sneaker boots as shown in the original film.

Here are the features of the Monster High Boo York Comet Crossed Couple in the form of list as follows:

Suitable for kids in the range of 6-12 years of age
Cleo De Nile doll
Deuce Gorgon figure
Small diary
2 doll stands

Is the Monster High Boo York Comet Crossed Couple worth your money?

The first question of concern while buying a Monster High Boo York oriented toy set should be what your kid really cherishes. Your kid might not be a fan of this show completely or just not be one of those who immensely like this couple.

If the case is such that your kid is not a fan of Monster High or these particular characters, then sadly they want feel so happy upon receiving this otherwise appealing box. Majorly, this is because the figurines are not completely pose-able. Moreover, Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon are not stable without the doll stand.

With fewer options to play with such figurines, the kid doesn’t feel so rewarded and entertained. Many of the kids even find the two characters and their get up scary. Your little girl won’t be attracted to the female figure, unless she likes her in the show because many find her make up too shimmery.

It has been reported of slight flaws on the faces of these figurines upon receiving the toy sets. These include black dots on the face Deuce, a blob of dried Glue in Cleo’s face as well as imperfect orientation of Cleo’s eyes.

The company is looking up on the flaws and making sure to totally evade this problem. However, minor blemishes can in no way make the appearances of this stunning couple become dull in anyway.

Hence, the most alluring part of owning this set is how much the dolls resemble the characters of Monster High Boo York and how they come wrapped in perfect dresses which define their style. This is the best Monster High Boo York character personification into figures to date, so if your child is a fan of the show then don’t miss out on buying this Monster High Boo York Comet Crossed Couple toy box.

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