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Melissa & Doug Fishing And Bug Catching Magnetic Game Bundle Review

Melissa Doug Fishing And Bug Catching Magnetic Game BundleMelissa & Dough are a couple that has mastered the art of developing durable, strong and high quality toys for children for teaching important life skills to them. The headquarter of the company is located in Wilton, Connecticut. The company is especially famous for their production of wooden puzzles and other similar toys. Melissa & Doug, that currently employs more than 1,000 workers, has created a game named Fishing and Bug Catching Magnetic Game which has become quite popular on Amazon among moms. What is so special about this product that has made these demanding moms so fired up? Read below and find out.

Key Elements in Melissa & Doug Fishing And Bug Catching Magnetic Game Bundle

  • Suitable for children 3 years or older
  • Made of two games
  • Visually attractive for children because of bright images and colors
  • Good for improving hand-eye coordination and skill development
  • Price tag is also budget friendly

Is it a smart purchase?

The company that makes Fishing and Bug Catching Magnetic game Bundle calls it “magnetic puzzle games that offer lots of ways to play.” And as a matter of fact this wooden fish and bug centered identification game is actually true to this description.

Every puzzle board is measuring 12.5 inches x 8.5 inches. The boards are sturdy and thick and are also very brightly colored. Each board has 10 puzzle pieces. The fishing game comes with animals like squid, octopus, whale or shark.

The bug netting game has well known backyard creatures like spider, caterpillar, bumblebee or butterfly. Both the boards comes with a strong wooden-handled net and also a fishing pole and a little magnet is attached at the end of the cord.

There is an easy to spot magnetic center in each insect or fish puzzle piece. the child goes for netting or fishing for the animals he wants to catch which boosts hand eye coordination, problem solving and reasoning skills. And he also enjoys and has fun playing it.

The child gains cognitive and physical benefit by not only maneuvering the swinging magnets on the insect net and fishing rod but he also learns important motor and identification skills when he places 20 pieces of the individual puzzles on the respective boards at their spots.

One excellent way to play with your child is to name a specific insect or fish for your child and ask him to capture it. All the animals in the games are colored brightly and are visually very different from each other which makes the identification easy for the child. The child can identify the animal without getting frustrated or confused.

Considering the easily affordable price tag for Melissa & Doug Fishing And Bug Catching Magnetic Game Bundle, this intelligent and simple learning game is an excellent and durable teaching tool for your child who will also love it.

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