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Max Tow Truck – Favorite Gift for Little Boys


Do you remember as a young boy when your parents bought you that small metal two trucks for the first time? You were so full of excitement. However, it was nothing compared to what modern day kids get to play with.

Of course the old ones did not having anything called real towing ability. However, The Max Two Truck is a toy that is surely going to be very popular this Christmas. This has a lot of power built in for pulling and pushing. You will be surprised to know that it can pull and push a weight up to 200 pounds.

What about obstacles in the way of Max Tow Truck? Forget about any obstacles as far as this two truck is concerned because it will practically jump over any obstacles coming in its path. This can be loaded up with things and then kids can watch it transporting their things to the destination of their choice.

But Max Two Truck is not any ordinary one. It has the ability to talk. It comes with many sound effects that will brighten up your kids play time along with more than fifty phrases that it comes built with. This tow truck is ideal for kids aged six and above.

Towing is not the only thing kids can enjoy with it. They can see it race around or see it crashing into things and jumping over obstacles. It also has a virtual setting where you can set the world alive with it.

It is very possible to make your kids room part of the virtual world and see the Max Two Truck driving around in the room. There is also the possibility to give it a different color in the virtual world if you do not like the default red color.

If your child has a red wagon, Max Tow Truck comes with a chain which can be attached to that wagon and the kid can then see his belongings being transported to wherever he wants to take them.

And this means that your child himself can sit in that wagon and the Max tow will take him around to his destination. However, before doing this strictly ensure that you have taken all the safety precautions that are recommended. If you see that Max Two Truck comes across an obstacle which looks like difficult for it to cross, you can shift it to Turbo mode and see it revving up all his power while he crosses that.

However, parents need to keep in mind one thing. Max Two Truck needs six C batteries so you need to have a stock of these batteries if you think that your child is playful enough to use it to maximum possible limit. It will be a good advice if you buy rechargeable batteries with it.

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