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Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart Review

Little Tikes Cozy Shopping CartThe kids and toddlers are always so fond of mimicking people around them. Often, one of the parents is the one to be spending most time around his or her kid and the child tends to imitate whatever they do pretty often.

One thing that kids often imitate is the grocery shopping session. Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart is the toy which enables your child to go for his or her own personalized shopping session around the house. Little Tikes have been famous for launching toys which promote imaginative play and this one adds to the amazing list.

This shopping cart will make your life much easier, as the kids would less likely happen to tag along with you once you go out shopping because they can pretend doing it anytime they want now.

The beautifully made shopping cart is outrageously attractive because it appears to be a happy car when looked at from the front. The car has front and side openings, and seat as well. The space inside the car is almost 12 inches tall. Hence, in this unique shopping cart, your kid’s favourite teddy bear or doll can accompany him or her as he or she shops around.

There are hardly any toys available at the market these days, which are available in different colors but same design according to the gender of the kid that you’re purchasing it for. But this cozy shopping cart from Little Tikes doesn’t stay behind here too. It is available in two color combinations.

The ones personalized for boys are in bright red, yellow and blue in color. Whereas the one designed for the little ladies out there, are very girlish light pink, purple and some white as well. The cart at the back of the car that wheels smoothly is voluminous enough to keep in the little things kids pretend to choose while shopping.

Here are the features of the Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart in the form of list as follows:

Suitable for ages up to 18 months and above
Designed after Cozy Coupe
Seat for a 12 inch doll or stuff toy
Dimensions are 24 x 10.5 x 16 inches

Is the Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart really worth your money?

While choosing a shopping cart for your toddler, only one major thing concerns the mind of the buyer. That is the stability of the shopping cart. A cart in reality, or while playing has to be stable enough while it’s being pushed.

This toy thankfully remains upstanding even when it’s loaded with the shopped items. The reason behind it is the simple mechanics of wide base which keeps it from falling sideways when your toddler is pushing it and also picking up items along the way as well.

The material that this shopping cart is made from is robust enough, and would not succumb to simple crashes. After all, when you are pushing a trolley cart a crash can always happen. Hence, it also scores well in regards of durability and longevity.

Carts and trailers can never be had endless fun with if the wheels don’t revolve with ease on pushing. This little Tikes product doesn’t even disappoint in terms of it’s easy flow. It easily becomes the favourite of kids who cannot walk with a lot of stability because they can still push it the way they want to.

With fun, and imaginative play it also helps your kid by flourishing his motor skills. He can put on some weight of his forwards while pushing the trailer, and master in walking.

It’s reported that the Little Tikes Cozy Shopping Cart lives beyond its usefulness. You won’t have worry about its longevity because it’s going to accompany your kid till he grows tall for it. It can later be used to keep some toys and also as a little transportation vehicle. Hence, don’t wait and purchase this item right away.

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