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LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit Review

LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model KitThe LEGO Ideas range is an excellent initiative from LEGO. The fans propose and vote upon new ideas for new product sets. It needs at least 10,000 votes for an idea to be accepted for review and production by LEGO as a product set. The LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit is the idea of famous bird enthusiast and British gardener named Thomas Poulsom, who designed this particular idea which got overwhelming support and votes from fans from around the world. The set has 3 replica birds. Each bird is presented on its own separate stand. The birds are from around the world, the Blue Jay representing North America, Robin representing European continent and the hummingbird stands for South America. All three birds make a beautiful and striking bird set.

Key Features of LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit

  • 3 birds included
  • 7 inch blue jay
  • 6 inch robin
  • 5 inch hummingbird
  • 580 pieces
  • Ages 12+

Is The LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit Worth Buying?

First thing that needs to be acknowledged is LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit is exactly what the name says i.e a model kit. While a lot of fun is guaranteed from building these birds but these birds are models with their own features, but not toys that can be played with. The age guidance provided by LEGO further reinforces this because it is recommended for ages 12 years and higher. However, LEGO enthusiasts from ages 10 and above can surely enjoy building the Birds Model kit, once they understand that little play is guaranteed once the kit has been assembled.

Assembling LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit is not difficult, though you will need to be patient while building it, especially for those who are not very advanced in LEGO building techniques. The set comes with 580 pieces and all three birds can be assembled at the same time which means that all three birds can be displayed alongside each other for a beautiful display. The time required for assembling the birds depends on the skill level. Those LEGO users who are very experienced can make the birds in under 90 minutes while the younger and inexperienced ones will need double that time.

The size of the three assembled birds is of significance. Smallest of all is the hummingbird but still it is 5 inches in height from base. Because of this elevation, birds really stand out in the set and come across as impressive figures on metal stand. The colors are also very bright and vivid. The colors are most noticeable in case of hummingbird, which also has a scaled yellow flower which the hummingbird appears to be approaching for nectar.

While younger kids are not going to have much fun from LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit, the older children, LEGO model fans and wildlife enthusiasts are surely going to love it. The assembly is a bit difficult but just so that difficulty is balanced with reward. The instructions are very helpful, being very clear and concise. LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds Model Kit is surely one of the most popular sets that have come out of LEGO Ideas program, and the reason for popularity is very visible when you see it.

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