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Lego Fusion Town Master – Best Lego Toy

Lego Fusion Town MasterLego Toys sell like hot cakes every Christmas, regardless of their size and whether they are for girls or boys – and for this 2014 holiday season Lego Fusion Town Master is poised to top the list of toys for kids ( and even for those grown up kids who are in love with Legos).

This is an ideal toy for those who are fond of building Lego worlds with their own hands and who also like playing video games because this toy combines both these features in one. You build your Lego world first and then you can bring it to an interactive life as a video game.

This all is possible as long as you own a tablet or a smartphone which will allow you to download its app too. The town you will build with Lego Fusion Town Master will have citizens with needs. By using the app you can gauge their needs and then provide for those needs in your built town.

The box has a Lego Fusion baseplate for allowing the player to bring the virtual game to life because you can snap bricks on this baseplate. There are certain rewards in the game too like more power and studs etc.

You earn these rewards by winning miniature games and by completing missions. These will challenge you randomly while you play and grow your virtual town.

You get figure of the mayor free with Lego Fusion Town Master. He is the one who will help you in taking care of the needs of the citizens and to rule them.

You get 256 pieces of Lego bricks to work with in Lego Fusion Town Master. Fusion baseplate is also there. The fusion products from Lego are fully compatible with other Lego bricks too, so you can use as many bricks as you like with this if you have these other than the one coming with the set.

Once you buy Lego Fusion Town Master for your child, you can download its app from Google  Playstore, Apple Store, Samsung and Amazon app store. Lego toys comes in hundreds of different varieties but the Fusion line is all set to be extremely popular because of a mix of physical bricks and the virtual playing ability.

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