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LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System – Educational Fun

LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game SystemLeapFrog is a brand name that has become synonymous with educational fun over the years. And LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System is going to be at the pinnacle of top toy requests for this Christmas 2014 season.

This is an excellent starter video game system for kids that are aged between 3 to 8 years. This is a very interactive game system and different from others because it gets your child up and make him or her jump, dance and have fun. It does not reduce them to static couch potatoes.

Parents have actually hundreds of choices when they go to pick video games for child to play and most of these will be having an educational slant. These games are a mix of downloads, videos and traditional cartridges.

Your child will get concepts related to math, science and reading because of the educational slant. These games encourage children to solve problems and reward them with points in the game. And if you have kids of different ages in your home, the senior ones can play at the advanced levels in the game.

The LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System customizes itself according to the age group of the child at the start. And because different children within the same age group have different abilities and learning styles, it will adjust itself according to the learning style of your child and will always challenge him or her with ever more tasks.

LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System has motion sensing feature like Kinect and its controller is quite small to fit in small hands of children. The system is interactive and will talk to your child about what to do, therefore, your child can still play even if can not read yet.

The controller need not be held in hand for the boy motion option. The sensor available in the system is intelligent and understands movements of the child. A camera further adds to fun because it captures your dancing child as he plays different games.

They can use the swivel end of the controller to play if they switch to play in Pointer Play mode. This system is compatible with games like bowling in LeapFrog Sports. If your child is used to A and B gaming option buttons, then its Classic Control option has that too.

The package of LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System includes the LeapFrog LeapTV console, a camera for playing motion sensor games, a camera mount, a wrist based traditional controller with wrap, all the necessary cables and the memory for playing these games. You will have to buy 2 AA batteries separately for using with the Controller.

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