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Lamaze Pippin the Push Along Pup Review

Lamaze and TONY, like a lot of times, teamed up to create a toy which your child would want all the time! Pippin the Push Along Pup is a unique little puppy made to brush up your crawler’s motor and sensory skills. The puppy’s multi-textured, colorful look will keep your little one attracted towards it.

This amazing puppy has little wheels with the help of which it can go across the room, and your child will have fun following it around. Pippin the Push Along Pup features a rear storage area, containing a rattling bone and a squeaking ball, which your toddler would adore to pull out and put in.

This toy really aids your child’s eye-hand coordination. Along the way, your child will learn how to take out the bag and open it, and also how to take them toys out or put them back inside. Additionally, the little crawler will also discover how the puppy’s toys make noise when they are squeezed or shaken.

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Just like this toy, Lamaze’s other toys are also designed to train and educate children as young as infants. They have a strong grasp on the concepts designed to provoke the child’s imagination and creativity while they play around and enhance their sensory skills.

The Toy Industry Association regarded to this toy as the best one in the category of Infant or Toddler Toys of the Year. The bright colors on this textured toy not only put your child at the liberty to have but, but also enable the little member of your family to learn and be creative.

All this adorable puppy needs is a hand to push it along and it will travel across any floor with ease. Children love to push things; it’s like pushing is programmed naturally into their minds. The pushing process is made easier with a handle which is placed at the puppy’s rear end.

The same handle which helps your child push the pup also opens up the storage area featured on Pippin’s rear. Pulling the handle will open up the pouch containing the rattle ball and the squealy bone.

When your child gets tired after playing with Pippin, the puppy will prove to be a good nap partner, thanks to its softness. The pup’s ears are soft and fluffy, thus turning out to be the favorite part of the toy for children.

Lamaze’s toys are known for how they help in the development of children’s skills. Just like Pippin the Push Along Pup, Lamaze is also the creator of Push Long Peanut and My First Fishbowl, both of which are known to educate your child and brush up sensory skills while the little crawler enjoys playing around.

Such toys from the Lamaze company are a great source of support for your child’s initial years, aiding him/her with resources that are necessary for mental and physical development. The reasonable pricing ensures that these toys are not too hard on the parents’ budgets.

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