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Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet Review

Fire HD Kids Edition TabletFire HD Kids Edition tablet is a lot more than just a toy. It has been designed for the kids from scratch. Parents can set up different profiles for different children. This child friendly tablet goes straight to Amazon FreeTime. You can also switch from kid mode to full tablet mode by logging in as a parent which means even parents can also enjoy this full fledged tablet after children have had their play at the tablet.

Amazon FreeTime is a place where thousands of free videos, games, apps and books are available for children. These are handpicked to suit needs of the kids.

Fire HD Kids Edition comes bundled with a free one year subscription to Amazon FreeTime, therefore, parents can relax that no additional bills will have to be paid. With a highly durable and rugged casing and a 2 year warranty, the Fire HD Kids Edition is an excellent child friendly tablet.

Key Feature of Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

  • Avialbe in both 7 and 6 inch size
  • 8GB or 16GB memory option
  • Rear and front cameras
  • 1 year Amazon FreeTime subscription for free
  • 2 year warranty
  • Up to 4 children profiles can be set up.

Is the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet Worth Buying?

There are not many known guarantees when it comes to toys for children. However, the Fire HD Kids Edition tablet is an exception and it comes with a guarantee. Your child is definitely going to fall in love with this. Your child will always be presented with attention grabbing videos, games and apps, books to keep them occupied. The volume of of the content is also very big.

The unlimited subscription that comes with it is a welcome one because kids will definitely click and download books and games in large numbers from Amazon FreeTime. The icons are also designed to be inviting for kids and children can hardly resist the temptation to click when presented with such a quality and large selection of content.

However the large volume of content also presents two problems. First, it can be a bit of a hassle to find exactly what a kid is looking for. The design of Amazon FreeTime is not suitable for click-happy children because many unwanted apps may also be downloaded. And the secondary impact is also related to this. These unwanted apps eat up memory. Since most parents go for 8GB Fire HD tablet, with the understanding that 8GB memory is enough for kids. However, out of this 8GB only up to 5GB is available for use because the rest is taken by the operating system and other build in programs and services.

5GB may also sound quite OK now but the truth is that kids consume this memory very soon because of the inviting set up of Amazon FreeTime. And when the memory is full, even the Wi-Fi on Fire HD does not work and child is locked out of their profile. In order to free up the content, you have to log in to the child profile but you can not log in because Wi-Fi does not work then. So the only option that is left is to perform a factory default set up. This is something which should have been taken care of by Amazon. You have to monitor the apps, storage space and clearing the content that the kids download on a daily basis to prevent this lockout.

But these issues can be taken care of if you go for the 16GB version and by educating the child about not installing unwanted apps. Apart from this, kids absolutely love Fire HD Kids Edition tablet. Since most parents do not want kids to use tablet for longer hours, therefore, battery and space can be taken care of.

The 2 years warranty is an excellent insurance for something which is definitely going to be dropped a few times during its lifetime. Overall, if you can monitor the storage issue, then your child is absolutely going to love this kids tablet.


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