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Jetaire Camper Play Tent Review

Kids love to camp, but like adults, they hate bugs and insects that reside out in the wild. Moreover, packing and readying stuff is even a bigger hassle! So why not give your child a camping experience like none other? The Jetaire Caper Play Tent not only gives a lot of fun but also rids your child of the stress and hassle involved in traditional camping.

Now your child can set up an amazing camp right in the living room and stay occupied with the fun all night long! In addition to being an amazing choice for sleepovers, it will also keep your child and the other children in one place, hence eliminating the possibility of mess all over the house over the night.

The company, Land of Nod, always comes up with creative and innovative toys to add to their collections. Not to mention, their products are quite durable and made to last long. This fabulous toy, The Jetaire Camper Play Tent is handmade all the way. Even the tire, logo, and license plate are stitched by hand! With seven windows spread across the tent, children can easily look out and look in. The sturdy canvas material used in the manufacturing of this tent will ensure that it stays around for a long time, providing years of fun!

To make the camper look even more realistic, the windows have shades and curtains, and a canopy is also sewn. With some popcorn, pizza, drinks, and S’mores, your child and his/her friends can have a perfect evening in this incredible camper.

The Jetaire Camper Play Tent is quite easy to both assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, it is also large enough to adults to fit in with their children, helping them have fun without having to give up the comfort of home.

Your child might want to decorate the camper to make it look more sophisticated. But, there’s nothing to worry about because Land of Nod has a solution for this too. S’more the Merrier Campfire can be purchased for the camper. This set includes a set comprising 20 pieces which not only looks like a campfire but is just as much fun!

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This set even contains marshmallows and hot dogs for roasting! Having so much fun in the house with the ceiling fan above you can be so much more fun than sleeping among the mosquitoes that keep you up all night and leave you itching for days.

Even though you should let your kid have outdoor exposure, it is not always recommended. Therefore, Jetaire Camper Play Tent lets your child have the exposure of the wild indoors. It is not only easy to set up the camper, but can also be brought down quickly without much hassle.

You might want to find a permanent space for your child to set up the camper, in case he/she desires. Campsite Nightlight by the Land of Nod features various throw pillows inspired by camping.

To make your camping experience more real and fun, you can also have trees, bears, raccoons, and logs! If you are looking to choose a gift for your child, the Jetaire Camper Play Tent would undoubtedly be the best choice, providing your child with days and weeks of enjoyment.

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