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Is Your Child Addicted to Video Games? Here is How to Tell

video-games-addiction-kidsMost of us parents childhood memories are nostalgic but with very limited or no addiction to video games whatsoever. Those were the times when almost all kids got to play with actual physical toys and the most important tool that children had for playing was their imagination.

But things have changed with technology and video games have become the staple of entertainment for children of this generation. A lot many children get gaming consoles as a standard toy. All to this the video games that are available on desktops, smartphones and laptops and you will see that there is virtually unlimited supply of video games for the kids.

Kids and parents find it very  hard to escape from video games addiction. At the same time, it can not be said with any authority that videogames are bad. But what is the indication that this pastime has become a video games addiction? Here are some of the visible warning signs which are indicative that your child is spending too much time with video games and might have got addicted.

Unsatisfactory Grades

Poor grades at school are generally the first indication that your child is spending too much time with video games. Whenever, there is a sudden drop in grades, it is time to consider if there has been a change in kids habits at home lately.

What happens with video games addiction is that your child starts to compromise homework time by diverting that time to game play and this is a problem you need to address. So always closely monitor the school diary and school reports. And also tell your child clearly that finishing homework early does not mean that he or she gets more time for video games.

Disturbed Sleep

Video games stimulate brain function in different ways. If you child develops the habit of playing video games before going to bed, it might become difficult for him or her to sleep quickly. As a parent you should set clear times for playing video games and ideally these should be a lot earlier than bedtime.

Emotional Engagement

Video games should be treated as a pastime and these are not meant for emotional engagement. If your child develops emotional relationship with games and game characters, this starts to reflect in changing moods and getting distressful or upset when not allowed to play.

This  kind of engagement with video games is not a healthy sign for your child. This also means that they will fall short on developing social skills for real life.

By all means, your child should play videogames because these are healthy pastime because when played in moderation, these develop mental faculties in children. Wanting to play video games is fine but they should not need to play video games. If you see this ‘needful’ behavior, then it is a strong indication that a video game addiction may be forming in your child.

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