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Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover – Perfect Baby Gift

Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle RoverImaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover, which is expected to be available in stores during Fall of 2014, is one gift for toddlers which is going be on the must have Christmas wish list for all toddlers. This is a strong vehicle that has been built for helping your child save the world.

Kids that are aged 3 and higher are sure going to fall in love with this toy. This toy is themed about your child’s battles with the bad guys – all those aliens who are bent upon destroying our planet earth. This is an ideal gift for supercharging your child’s imagination and improving mobility skills.

Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover is not your ordinary hand held small vehicle. It is comparably giant sized. Moreover, your child can remove the space shuttle from the main vehicle and play with it separately.

The space shuttle, which can be easily removed from the main play-set, comes with easy to use control panel and projectile launchers. Three more smaller vehicles with three different figures come out of it which children will love in their game time.

Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover even has a crane, a drill and saw blade which children can pretend to be using for exploring different planets surfaces as they try to contain aliens from attacking Earth.

It also has a very cool claw with a fixed pincher which a child can use to pick different things up and learn mobility skills. This is a giant vehicle wich six large wheels that can be used for carrying everything around. And it is giant enough to fix many different things on it. You can load it with accessories, figures and even other smaller vehicles.

Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover comes fully packed with many different interactive play elements. It is powered by 7 AA batteries which you will have to buy separately because these are not included in the toy. Your kid will be able to use 19 lights and a projectile as well as disc launchers all packed in the toy.

She or he will be simply amazed as he listens to more than 200 sound effects while trying to detect aliens. Kids will definitely want to use all the three figures that come with it but you can get a few more for your child to engage in a strong community.

The three figures that are already included are great – two astronauts and a Cyclops alien which has a gnarly appearance. But it is not essentially a bad alien. Your child’s imagination will determine its traits. He or she might well be the architect of the next great alliance of aliens and humans. All this imagination will start with¬†Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover which your child will unwrap on Christmas morning.

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