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How Music, Sounds and Lights Benefit Babies

baby-musicA lot of parents are of the view that babies and toddlers do not need any sensory development tools until they have grown up enough where they start to engage with and respond to the source.

The truth is that a child’s sensory development process starts right from the moment the child arrives in the world. When you introduce your child to music, sounds and lights at a little age, you are indirectly helping the child in sensory development at an age where you thought it is not essential or necessary

So how all this works? For example, you can read to your baby because it is the best bonding experience for both of you. When you do that, you child starts to recognize your voice and babies also feel peaceful when you read to them.

A baby finds his or her parents’ voices naturally soothing and babies start to recognize this very early. In fact, your baby starts to associate your voice and reading even at a few weeks age.

It will not only strengthen the bond between you and the baby but by reading to your baby you will help him or her to explore their own voice. Research has also indicated that those children who are read to often by their parents are more likely to learn to read at a younger age.

In fact, benefits of sounds for babies is not restricted to just a reading experience. It is also believed that music has therapeutic effects on babies along with development of sensory feelings. Babies quickly start to learn the rhythm in sounds and this is exactly the reason that a rocking baby is more likely to sleep earlier than a baby that is stationary.

Music is known to soothe and calm little minds of the babies. Other studies have shown that babies respond physiologically too to music. For example, with soothing music, their heart rates are lowered. In fact, the development of their basic motor skills is also speeded up.

As far as lights are concerned, this is a contentious topic with lot of debate surrounding it. Is it good for the babies to have a night light? Are toys with flashing lights right for the babies? Many parents do not know that babies take many months before they start seeing lights in the same way as adults.

This is exactly the reason that even if you set the night lights very brightly for the babies, the room will not appear as bright to the child as it is for adults. However, a little light for the babies in their cribs can be quite beneficial. This allows them to look at an analyze their surroundings when they are awake. And you also save baby from the panic when he or she wakes up in a dark room.

Sensory development is very critical in a child’s mental and physical development and the earlier it is started, sooner your child will start to develop these and respond.

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